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I write, design, edit – what am I?

Hey! I’m excited because I think I finally figured out the proper title for what I do on a daily basis:

I am a Communication Designer. Specifically in health care. This definition is broad/vague enough to encompass all that I do, but specific enough to aptly describe it.  On a day to day basis I’m: designing customer service banners & poster; ordering promo items; manipulating image & text; editing photos; creating brochures & mailers for different hospital departments & programs; gathering information and laying out hospital-wide newsletters; coordinating physician lectures & mass faxing flyers; writing press releases; taking photos & writing copy for our website. You get the idea …

A Communication Designer “seeks to attract, inspire, create desires and motivate the people to respond to messages, with a view to making a favorable impact to the bottom line of the commissioning body, which can be either to build a brand, move sales, or for humanitarian purposes. Its process involves strategic business thinking, utilizing market research, creativity, and problem-solving.”  I work mainly with visual & text.


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twitface II

Hey, my twitter feed is now located on the sidebar of this blog. I likely update twitter several times a day in lieu of lenthy blog posts. This at least helps me to feel connected and archive ideas that I may want to write about or reference at a later point.

Feel free to follow me on twitter, or comment on my ‘tweets’ on wordpress. It’s all about staying connected!



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