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The World Peace Diet

My cat Orenji just tried to jump almost 4 feet up onto my lap (I’m sitting on a stool) without realized that there is a glass table between us … a loud crack and then kitty was clinging onto my legs, having made it only halfway to his destination. OW! He seems OK though and is now purring happily as I type … what a weirdo.

So obviously I don’t need to say that the the Wolrd Peace Diet advocated by Dr. Tuttle is vegetarian, but I do ned to tell you that you can go to the website and download a free copy of the entire 330+ page book which presents the most compelling case for ethical vegetarianism. It is well worth the time to read at least some of it and learn something new. do it! I’m thinking of just ordering a bunch of the paper copies to give as gifts .. (shh!)

I’ve added some new links along the side, including a website dedicated to the case for impeachment. Check it out!

I promised a few posts ago to put an excerpt from Is America Necessary? by Jacob Needleman up here, so here it is:

Here lies the secret of America – that is still has a future, that it offers mankind a future. The remnents of other nations and cultures may strike the sense of wonder in us with the greatness of their art and beauty and customs. But in these places we are looking into the past. In America, we are looking into the future – maybe an increasingly threatening future, but still a real one …
If we take America “literally,” if we see around us conformity, corruptions, rank injustice, materialism, superficiality, and vulgarity, metaphysical squalor and blind attachment to physical comfort – if we see only that, we see the death of America and the end of its future. But if we look more deeply, we may still see a nation and people granted for a brief moment the material and spiritual conditions enabling them to step into the real future of man, which is the future of the developing soul.
The future is another word for the soul.

I am a *hopeless* optimist, and I agree with Needleman’s argument here that America’s influence is so great that we have a choice in regards to creating a future using that power – that it IS possible to bring the soul and spirit of America back in order to correct the damage that we’ve done. I’ve never really thought about/articulated “America” in a spriritual sense, but I think this essay captures it for me. “America must give back to the world the main thing it is taking from the world… ” He is calling for America to do some serious soul-searching: “The world had hoped in the outer America while subliminally feeling the resonance of the inner America. But first we who live here must feel it. If Americans themselves do not acknowledge the sould of America, the world may not wish to keep us.”


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Another Unpublished Letter

Surfing some new Vegan websites I am reminded of another letter to the editor (the last one was for closing the tragedy called the Utica Zoo) that I submitted on behalf of local animals, that again didn’t make it. But we keep writing.
This one is about horse racing, to the editor of The Observer-Dispatch (Utica NY):

Dear Editor,

I am glad to see that Vernon Downs had to cancel yet another horse race. The public is obviously wising up to the fact that animal racing is cruel and antiquated, as evidenced by the track’s financial losses. People just don’t want to participate in this cruel sport.
Every year, about 800 racehorses sustain a fatal injury on the track, and thousands more sustain serious injury on the racetrack but are forced to continue racing. Those that are “spent” are euthanized or sold to slaughterhouses to make glue and pet food. The industry itself is corrupt and animals are bred solely for certain ‘desirable’ traits which actually weaken the horses and make them more susceptible to injury.
Animals are not ours to use for entertainment. Let’s set an example in the Mohawk Valley by continuing to shut down Vernon Downs and look for other ways to generate revenue in our beautiful region. Please boycott local horse racing.

Thank you.

Sort of funny story is that right after I submitted this letter, I was actually interviewing for a position in the newsroom when the managing editor who recieves these letters walked in. I introduced myself and watched the lightbulb go on as he made sounds of recognition. Now we just have to start printing them, Mr. D!

Speaking of Zoos, The Sun Magazine has some great articles right now about this sorry institution. Some very good points are raised in the feature article by Derrick Jensen. I don’t see how anyone can argue now that zoos are in anyway ‘natural’ or that they serve some purpose of education for our youth.

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One of my favorite blogs

Enjoying a laid back afternoon with the hunny at home, who is perfecting his throat-singing skills today, while I am working on various craft projects (newest: weaving a nest-like basket out of my defunct dreads).
Just thought I would post this link to one of my new favorite blogs: The Urban Vegan
There’s great stuff on here and mouthwatering, easy recipes (and photos) that even an omnivore would love. I check it regularly if only for food ideas and to gaze at the scrumptious photos of things like “Orange-scented cranberry-almond biscotti” and “Monkey bread” … mmm.

Coming soon – an excerpt from an excellent Parabola article entitle “Is America Necessary?”

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Pardon the Turkeys . . .

Here’s a great little post from Bill Maher giving a few good reasons to pass on the turkey this year.

“New Rule: The president can’t pardon just one or two turkeys this Thanksgiving. He’s got to let them all go.
It’s probably too much to expect from the man who wanted “no child left behind,” then vetoed health care for kids. But think of the upside. Freeing the turkeys might help the president’s credibility when he says things like, “We don’t torture.”‘ Read more.

N & I just spent a really relaxing nice Thank-you day in CT with my folks. We did a lot of the cooking, actually, whipping up a homemade pumpkin & sweet potato pie, some roasted acorn squash, along with a seitan loaf with mushroom & red wine gravy. Yummm. My dad made a great vegan stuffing with water chestnuts to go along. No deprivation for the vegetarians at this feast! 🙂 I tried not to overdo it, but I definitely ate a lot more in one day yesterday than any other daysince coming out of the hospital. It was a little trying on the system but not too bad. I enjoyed some cheeses too for the first time in a long time, but not sure how much I’m going to keep that up . . .

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Naturopathic Medicine

N and I took a trek out to Auburn yesterday to visit a holistic naturopathic doctor. The trip was was a bit trying, but well worth it. She took my entire history down, and not just all the ‘medical’ stuff but other information about my life etc. In the end we came up with a plan to support me getting more nutrition back in my diet to support my body’s natural healing ability and to calm/soothe the overactive colon, and we also focused on balancing my hormones that seem to be out of whack.
If you are interested in basic nutrition/nutrition for colitis, this might be of interest to you. The supplements I am on are all capsule or powder form for easier digestion, and include a natural Iron+vit C+herbal (integrative absorption for iron, since I am anemic right now), Integrative Nutrition Multi-V, powdered magnesium (low dose), double dose of Metagenics Ultra-Flora DF (possible the best probiotic out there) and an herbal soother for the colon wich includes slippery elm, marshmallow root, and licorice etc. I don’t usually take a lot of supplements, but it seems necessary right now to restore my health.
Foodwise, she also reccomended eating 1-2 tsp of tumeric a day and up to 3 tbs flax oil a day (since I don’t eat fish). And I’m to go back on my AM smoothie regimen, which includes powdered wheatgrass and maca root with banana. Blended soups, very cooked vegetables avocados, and rice all seem like very safe foods to me right now. Also, I’ve been eating some dairy & eggs with no ill effects.
To balance my menstruel cycle (which we identified as pro-estrogen) she suggested that I eat 2 tsp of flaxmeal a day in the early phase of the cycle and 1000-1500 mg Evening Primrose Oil a day during the latter part of the cycle. We’ll see how that works out, b/c I had been taking both all the time. Also, I’m going to start doing the castor oil packs regularly.
What I found most affirming is that a lot of these things were things I had researched and started on my own, but with not positive reinforcement or certainty that they were the ‘right’ things, so hearing all this from the DR. was great. I have a follow up phone call in five weeks to see how it’s going …

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Oh, and some Wedding photos

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Back into it …

At this point it would be easy for me to throw up my hands ands say “i’m just not a blogger” or “I’m just not a writer.” I’ve let small obstacles get in my way or writing anything consistently, perhaps hiding the fact that I just don’t put the effort in to say what I want to say , post the interesting things I want to post, and in general laziness.
As a brief chronicle of life though, this will serve as an update. Last Friday I was admitted to the hospital and stayed there until Tuesday to treat Ulcerative Colitis … [an auto immune disease whereby the lining of the colon is chronically inflamed] … long story short this is a ‘diagnosis’ that I’ve had for seven years, on meds for six and then actively trying to ‘heal’ myself for the past year, sans pharmaceuticals. While I have made much progress, I ended up in the hospital with the inflammation having spread to my entire colon and a warning that letting it go again could drastically increase my chance of cancer- very painful and scary indeed.
Needless to say, I’m taking the drugs again if only to save my life. I am working out alternative therapies to use in conjunction with the drugs so I don’t have to take as many in the long run. Again I am truly blessed to have such a support system and network of healers and listeners around me – friends and family. All the doctors that I saw were very respectful of my right to choose or refuse treatment and I received excellent care at the hospital I stayed at, even though I didn’t have insurance.
In all, the experience created a space of completion and ‘what’s next’ … Just another wake up call that I can’t afford to live my life without active participation, and that I get to say how it’s going to go. I’m not a victim of circumstance but can create an environment that will help me succeed in the ‘face of’ those circumstances.

New Books/reading materials:
(obviously I went on a B&N binge)
Adbusters #74
Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda
Studying about Tara (the female incarnation of the Buddha)
The Gaia Project 2012 by Hwee-Yong Jang
Still working on Don Juan Road to Ixtlal

Writing –
Article submitted to, but I haven’t seen it up there yet … keep checking for me!
Business plan for bulk herb and tea shop??
– this would be my dream come true right now-

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