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No babies kitty

Helllllloooo wide world of blogging. I’ve been guilty of neglecting you for more than two months and now have come to repent!
No babies kitty refers to the fact that I have discovered that my 6 year old cat likes to be carried around inside a hoodie (like a pregnant belly) so that he can be close to my warmth. It really seems to be the only way that he is happy because then he gets a break from following me around everywhere meowing and rolling around the floor provocatively. But there are no babies in there, only kitty!
OK that’s enought sillyness.
Some quick updates on a varity of subjects …
1) Health: was pretty stable until a colon-scope last week, from whcih I am still recovering. I switched to a new pharmaceutical (Lialda) the same as the Asacol, just a higher dose so I only take it twice a day; plus my immuno suppressant was upped to head off any inflammatory reaction I might have from the colonoscopy. Haven’t been able to get a hold of the naturopathic dr and hesitant to see an acupunturist given all the meds I am on.
2) Crafting: I’ll be in my first two craft shows this month selling all kinds of yummy and inedible crochet treats! Cookies, softies, freeform, you can check them all out at my flickr page.
the first one is the and the second is part of a pottery & art show put on by my good friend Natalie.
3) Relationship: The main one being marriage. I’ve taken on being masterful in the art of marriage, and learning as much as I can about what makes this relationship not just work, but flourish. So that is a great inquiry to be in , and any advice you have is welcome on one condition -No cynicism please! That is a really tired conversation – no wonder the divorce rate is so high!
We are moving this month to an airstream on a farm on the edge of town – a dream come true for a couple of DIY vegetarians trying to ‘get off the grid.’ We’ll let you know how it goes!

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