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Switchover to the video blog

I’m officially too lazy to write and have started vlogging on youtube …

I’ll try not to get too bogged down with learning all the technical stuff and thus discouraging myself, so please excuse if the first few are a little less than stellar [in terms of editing!] Thanks!!


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Vegan Waffle Party!!

I’m officially not blogging anymore.

However, I do want to promote, in case you got here via that I will be hosting a Vegan Waffle Party on May 29. Location TBA in Pontiac MI … if I have enough support it will include a film showing and possibly live music.

Please suggest a vegan-themed film.
Right now I am leaning towards “The Witness”.

leave a comment to RSVP or if you have questions, suggestions. THanks!!

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Top 25!!

Hey, FYI I made it in the top 25 for Just!Proud! Thanks for your votes ~ I still need more though!
Here’s the prize I’m going for:
* Being the 1st FACE of JUSTPROUD Fashion Brand
* Worldwide coverage of being the 1st new face
* A photo/film shoot in either Europe or USA (to be decided)
* Flights, hotels and expenses fully covered
* Appearance on FashionTV
* Your stage to be known WORLDWIDE!

Thanks again for your support!

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Some photo/modeling updates

I just uploaded a few more pics onto my color & bnW pages. I haven’t been modeling much lately b/c I’ve had this awful rosacea on my face [only on one side though!?]. It’s just getting under control.
I think I got a little resigned/ defeated about modeling, plus questioning the ethics of it all … topic for a whol other post.

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hey you twit face

Hey, I’m on twitter now.
My work is blocking FB, Youtube, Pandora, etc. and discouraging streaming audio & video.
Interestingly, they haven’t [yet] blocked twitter or wordpress.
So, I joined twitter this morning.

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Toxic batteries?

Just something I was thinking about this morning … thought you might find it interesting. I’m glad to know that lithium batteries are a bit safer for the environment – I just wonder about mining/extraction and social impact of that … A lot of mining for these kinds of elements happens in developing countries [i.e. in Africa] where there are human rights abuses linked to the industry. More research needed …

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The box is here!

small veggie box
The small veggie ‘box’ made it to my front porch… so obviously it’s not all local (bananas?) so I have a feeling this is more like a food buying coop than a CSA, but I’m not completely disappointed. Can’t wait to try some of everything! Looks like enough to last a little more than a week for me at least, cept for maybe the fruit [I eat a lot of fruit] … yaaay!

Box contents:  Bunch of bananas, half pound(?) of cherries, two nectarines,  3 oranges, 1 lb. of sweet red yams (I subbed these for kiwis), 1 red onion, 1 giant cabbage, 2 heads of broccoli, half pound of mixed greens, bunch of carrots.

Ok I’m recovering from a giant coconut, almond, & pineapple smoothie right now [mixed in my hand-powered blender]. Supercharged! Then a short run …

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