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Y not cease fishing in the Gulf of Mexico?

Ever wonder what vegans eat? Well, we eat A LOT of things ūüôā¬† Here’s just a sample of what my wonderful vegan BF made for dinner last night …

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In other random thoughts, we were talking about the oil spill again last night and about the moratorium on deep water drilling, which can be debated whether that is a good thing or not, but … Why hasn’t anyone suggested a MORATORIUM ON FISHING???!!!¬† Let the species recover for g-d’s sake.. why has this not occurred to anyone? We don’t dare rob people of their precious seafood dinner, but we’ll gladly rob the life of innocents for our palate. Talk about addiction (as in, addiction to fossil fuels), this one is so deep under wraps that no one dare speak of it. Wake up people. Fish are going to be gone from your waters in a few decades at this rate and then you will HAVE TO give up eating them.


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world peace diet reviewed & renewed

In which I say a lil about this phenomenal book, The World Peace Diet by Dr. Will Tuttle.

Order online at
Kitten clip at the end.

*** from a review by Eve Spencer, Vegan Voice Magazine **
“The World Peace Diet is not a diet in the sense of a fad diet to lose weight, but the author illustrates clearly how the social, psychological and spiritual consequences of our meals “ripple through all aspects of our lives.”

“The book is systematically developed to reveal the connection between what we daily put on our plates, and peace in the world and in our lives. Some of the chapters covered include the power of food, the herding culture, the nature of intelligence, domination of the feminine, the metaphysics of food, science and religion, profiting from destruction, the journey of transformation, and in the final chapter‚ÄĒliving the revolution‚ÄĒis ‘the last days of eating animal.'” …

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‘smart choices’ not so smart

Don’t be fooled by a stupid label. The foods that are best for you, generally don’t have any packaging or labels!! Fruits & Veggies!!! DUH.

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Peeing standing up and other things

Pee standing up ladies!¬† Sweeeet!¬† —> pStyle by Jade & Pearl

I used to use Jade & Pearl’s sea sponge tampons until I realized that sea sponges are animals (single celled, but nonetheless)! Too bad, bc those things were really handy & comfy .. but not at the expense of another being’s consciousness.¬† Sorry! Next step is the DivaCup I guess …

pStyle - Click Image to Close



Other thing I’m excited about is that I finally signed up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) … and I did it online through Door To Door Organics, a Michigan-based company. Purists might say this is against the main idea of a CSA – to know your farmer –¬†but for me it’s the convenience of the internet helping me to live my ideal and have access to consistently good quality organic food!¬† Don’t get me wrong, I love going to the farmer’s market, but i haven’t made it there once this year!¬†¬† I travel a lot [lately] and am pretty busy with a lot of things, so sometimes getting to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s is a big trip for me [plus, they’re a chain] … Since I eat a lot of fruits & veggies this is economical for me,¬†and the box will be delivered to my door!

My first shipment in Wednesday.¬† Here’s to being a lazy environmentalist. I’ll let you know how it is.

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Veil uplifted

The dark veil of yesterday lifted while still daylight. My car then proceeded to break down. Oh well.

Here’s a bold concept for a zoo, not sure if I like it, but it will definitely make people think:
“Unnatural Habitats: Rethinking the Modern Zoo” slideshow on

Been listening to a lot of Bat for Lashes, Utada Hikaru, Cyndi Lauper & other female vocalists lately. I can feel like I am in the company of some strong, creative women even when all alone in my cubicle …

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the simple, adorable house

super adobe adorable house

super adobe adorable house


As long as I am allowed to indulge in fantasy to some extent …

i’ve wanted to build my own little house for as long as I can remember. as a kid I drew tons of floor plans, some general and some meticulous. so I am reaching back to my childhood to that comfortable place i abandoned … what stimulated this is that¬† i’ve found [or he found me]¬†someone special who brings out that side of me more and more. He¬†draws me away from my over-serious adult pretendings back to dreams from youth and idealistic, idyllic fantasies that are¬† the foundation of a created reality that I can actually see myself enjoying living in…

this house plan Рreminiscent of childhood doodles Рis an example of the manifestation of love I feel  for him:  simple & unabashed, sweet & deeply fulfilling

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Greening Healthcare …

And … the blog has been silent.¬† Apologies!

Something I’ve started working on a bit – greening the hospital I work at in Michigan. The hospital is 100 years old, though the building is newer.¬† Right now it’s a far cry from LEED-certified.¬† For now, I’m going to post a few links here for anyone who’s interested in what it takes to green healthcare, or business [see below].

Also, I’m interested in any grants – federal or state – to aid in making hospitals more environmentally friendly, or grants for urban gardening, green roofs, LEED etc. We are not a non-profit however, as most hospitals are,¬† so it may take some extra looking. Should be contacting the DEQ this week …


Also, please check out Motherhouse.¬†Not sure the best was to put this, but it’s a retirement home for nuns, in Monroe Michigan.¬†They’ve done an absolutely amazing job¬†turning it into a sustainable, healthy, peace-based community.

Other Web Sites:

    Live Roof (HorTech) Р

  Michigan Green Р

  Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources Р

¬† Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality, Recycling Info –,1607,7-135-3585_4130—,00.html

  Metro Health Hospital, Grand Rapids. The only LEED-certified full service hospital in Michigan Р

  SE Michigan Directory of Waste Recycling Companies (20 page PDF) Р

   Green Earth Technologies Р

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