The second title [reincarnation] of this Blog is:

New World Dawning … towards a sustainable and just future

About me: I am a 20-something graphic designer/editor/writer/model and crafter. I consider myself to be somewhere between radical feminism and radical domestication. I’m vegan but my friends and lovers don’t have to be … though many convert.  Much has happened in my past but I prefer to dwell in the future.

I’m opportunistic, polytheistic, polyamorous, nuetrally capitalistic, fantastic – in a word – liberal.  I believe in freedom of choice and self-expression and that is why I’m thankful I am an American.

The original title of this blog was:  Opinions are Dumb> Opinions Are Dumb: It’s true. Anywhere you go, in real life or blogosphere, people have TONS of opinions and are posting them. What does it accomplish? Very little (I realize I am a hypocrite, since this is MY opinion of opinions). Everyone is right, and everyone is wrong.  Opinions are fabricated from the past, and I am here to move into the future. I am not on a blog to proclaim opinions about right and wrong; I am here to relay my experiences, some nonfiction writing, and gain some exposure and discipline as a writer. Thanks for listening!


Age: 26

Children: 0

Intention of having children: 0

Education: B.A. in Comparative Literature, Japanese Language/Literature [Debt accumulated from aforementioned Education: you really don’t want to know]

Occupation: right now, healthcare marketing; freelance modeling and crafting:  www.alethafaye.etsy.com

Future Occupation: Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor

Visit my flickr page for photos of crochet projects and modeling projects etc.


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    Jack Pendrak said,

    Hi Aletha,

    I saw your link at the bottom of one of your emails and decided to check it out. I like what you say about opinions. In my way of thinking, opinions are judgements. Judgements are almost always, if not always, wrong if for no other reason than that none of us has a wide enough perspective to see enough of any issue to judge it. Ironically, however, when we have an opinion we seem to have to defend the truth of it even though any objective evaluation would see that we don’t, indeed can’t, have the absolute truth. Then, not only do we have to defend the truth of our opinion we have to make the other person’s opinion wrong. So, I think you put it wonderfully and accurately when you said “opinions are dumb”. It might not be the absolute truth, but I think it’s pointing in the direction of truth.

    Now I too have expressed my dumb opinion!….Wanna fight about it?

    Talk to you soon,

    In Peace

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