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I’ve been trying to post my favorite photo from the wedding, but the image is too big right now. You may be able to see it on my about page though…
Life right now is bare realities and essentials. Living without a phone and tiny fridge space forces you to simultaneously simplify and expand. It’s all about getting back to grounding right now and getting things in order … grounding physically, emotionally and mentally. As far as writing right now I am grasping at a way to focus on a theme or do something that will keep me inspired week after week to write about here in this space, Of course I am hoping for more time now that all the pre-wedding stuff is over, now its just taking care of the post-nuptial stuff.
People ask, “How’s married life,” or “Do you feel different?” … I have to say yes and no to the latter. Now there is the security, but at times it almost occurs as resignation, like “this is what I have for the rest of my life.” Sometimes that same phrase occurs as a great thing, other times not-so-great. Part of why I chose (yes, chose) to marry N at this point was the realization that I, as an individual, am going to choose the same relationship and create the same circumstance whomever I am with and that I am only fooling myself by changing the faces and names of those people I am with. Part of me had to face myself and how I be in relationship. Plus I know I will never ever be bored with N and things are continually a discovery or challenge with us – the last thing I want is to be comfortable! It’s always an opportunity to grow, and that’s why we decided to do the “I do.” (though we never said those words in the ceremony.)
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