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world peace diet reviewed & renewed

In which I say a lil about this phenomenal book, The World Peace Diet by Dr. Will Tuttle.

Order online at
Kitten clip at the end.

*** from a review by Eve Spencer, Vegan Voice Magazine **
“The World Peace Diet is not a diet in the sense of a fad diet to lose weight, but the author illustrates clearly how the social, psychological and spiritual consequences of our meals “ripple through all aspects of our lives.”

“The book is systematically developed to reveal the connection between what we daily put on our plates, and peace in the world and in our lives. Some of the chapters covered include the power of food, the herding culture, the nature of intelligence, domination of the feminine, the metaphysics of food, science and religion, profiting from destruction, the journey of transformation, and in the final chapter—living the revolution—is ‘the last days of eating animal.'” …


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Call to action! Stop U of M testing on live dogs!

I won’t be able to be there but I want to spread the word about this:

*Physicians Comittee for Responsible Medicine


Dear PCRM* Supporter,

You can still help end the University of Michigan’s use of live dogs for trauma training. In recent weeks, supporters like you have sent more than 19,000 e-mails to university administrators asking them to end the use of live dogs in the school’s Advanced Trauma Life Support course. However, the decision-makers at the University of Michigan don’t seem to be getting the message that most of these courses are taught with advanced medical simulators-not with live animals.

That’s why PCRM will lead a demonstration at the University of Michigan (U-M) on March 5, just two weeks before the school’s next scheduled Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) course. Please join us and bring your dogs!

What: Physician-led peaceful demonstration at U-M
When: Thursday, March 5, 11 a.m.
Location: Southeast corner of S. State St. and N. University Ave., Ann Arbor, MI
Parking: Please use nearby public parking.

Signs will be provided. Please make sure to dress warmly. No RSVP is required

Please forward this e-mail to your friends and family within driving distance of Ann Arbor and ask them to join you at the demonstration.

Documents obtained by PCRM under the Michigan Freedom of Information Act reveal that U-M is using lost or surrendered pets from Michigan shelters for its ATLS course. At U-M, this course involves cutting open live, anesthetized dogs and practicing emergency medical procedures. After the training session, the animals are killed. All of this happens even though the school owns a validated nonanimal teaching method as part of its state-of-the-art medical simulation center.

While a handful of institutions like U-M continue to use live animals, the American College of Surgeons, the ATLS oversight body, has approved nonanimal models like the TraumaMan System, Synman, and human cadavers for these courses. Across the United States and Canada more than 90 percent of ATLS courses are taught using only human-based simulators.

Please visit to learn more. Thank you so much for your support. If you have any questions, please contact me at

Best regards,

Ryan Merkley
Manager of Humane Education Programs

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
5100 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., Ste. 400
Washington, DC 20016 Phone: 202-686-2210

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Ask Obama: Abolish Nuclear weapons

Abolishing nuclear weapons has always been cause I care deeply about. If anyone has ever read anything about Hiroshima & Nagasaki, or the use of depeleted uranium in the Middle East, then you will understand why.
I spent about two years of academic study on the topic of Hiroshima & Nagasaki and Atomic-Bomb Literature.  It was more than an academic exercise though … the survivors I met, the stories I heard and read touched me deeply, and  served as a daily reminder of why we must NEVER allow this to happen again.
I rarely take an unequivicol stance on an issue, but there is no question in my mind that nuclear weapons are a scourge to humanity and the planet and should never be used again.
Obviously, the U.S. would have to be one of the first, if not, the first to disarm. And THAT would be a huge statement for us to make to the rest of the world, to show how we are truly committed to peace on the planet.
Please, if you haven’t already signed up on, do so, and vote for the top 10 ideas you feel the Obama administration should consider. My blog has been listed as one of those endorsing this idea.
More links:
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation 
Testimony of Survivors of Hiroshima & Nagasaki (Hibakusha)
Hell on Earth

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Dear Utica

Dear Utica,

My heart is breaking.  Actually, I think it is over, broken, now. The honeymoon is over. I’ve discovered what you’ve been hiding, all while pretending that you were being open, nothing to hide.

How can I express the level of betrayal? I was so naive. My hopes and ambitions for your great potential began to wither and die like grass between concrete cracks in a dry spell … Now I just feel disgusted, alone, trying to find the gems of goodness. A flicker here or there, I go to see what it is, but it is just a fleck of micah in the sidewalk. Nothing to see once up close.

Now I know why people leave, why they run. I wonder if it really is better in other places, or if the ‘real world’ is full of sh*t like you are. 

But I am still here. Maybe I have a morbid need to see this place through to its tragicomic end. The comedy is running thin however. I guess the joke was on me.

When I see through the veneer of lies … I don’t want to look. I want to deny, but it’s compelling, and on some level it all begins to make sense.

The people and places I put my faith in … should I keep trying? Or just look away?

Utica, I’ve lost my sense of humor.

Utica, you broke my heart.

Utica, where everything just spins around, around, around in slow motion. A sad carnival ride … 

Utica, where the sun only shines 90 days a year. Where a hundred languages are spoken. Where the brewery keeps the AA meetings full every day. Where cops are killed and resurrected, over and over. Where fruit trees hide out in public parks. Where the youth stand around and wonder ‘where did the time go?’  Where everyone is an artist of something.

Utica, I love/hate you. 


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2007 Victories for Animals

I just watched this slideshow put together by the Humane Society USA showing some of the victories for non-human animals this year. It’s been a great one, and other changes are happening alongside the work that HSUS does.
From the Vick case, which lead to banning of animal fighting in the last few states it was allowed, to shutting down the last three horse slaughter farms in the US, and stricter laws on animal welfare from restaurants and animal testing … are small gains. People’s awareness is rising, but I hope we don’t get bogged down thinking that improved welfare standards are still OK “as long as the animals don’t suffer too much” when really the point is that animals are not ours to use, period.
Activists in NYC are making this point loud and clear, right now fighting hard to ban the horse-carriage tourist industry in that city. The point is not that the horses have better conditions, as those in favor of keeping the industry going argue for, the point is that they are being used for entertainment and put in dangerous and unnatural situations in the city.
Link to sign the petition of the Coalition to Ban Horse Drawn Carriages

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Vegetarian Video

I thought this video was cool because it promotes vegetarianism with positives rather than negatives about animals :). Enjoy!

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Soulforce comes to Utica

A grassroots, non-violence driven marriage equality group that has recently come to my attention, Soulforce, will be making a stop in Utica next Wednesday for a potluck and public forum. Though the focus is on marriage equality for LGBTQ, you can see from their website that the platform is much broader and I really like the approach they take – non-violent soulforce action. Really a well-organized, inspiring group of young people. New Yorkers, check out the site and find out where they will be presenting in your area.

Utica: Wednesday, July 25 at 6pm- dinner, 7pm forum, at Plymouth-Bethseda United Church of Christ, 500 Plant St. Local political leaders, including senators, faith leaders, and LGBTQ couples have been invited to speak.

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