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Runs on veggies …

I left work early today. (actually I am there on more of a volunteer basis now.)

So I biked over to the local public library to see if I could put up a poster for my first Wellness Workshop that hun and I are putting on in August. Found out, however, that they only allow non-profit orgs to post their stuff there.

As I walked in though, I noticed something I’ve never seen in Utica before, something which made me smile and was a bit serendipitous (spelling?) : “The Veggie Voyager” – a van with posters all over it explaining veg oil engines… turns out the owner is Jay Mankita, a rather well-known singer/songwriter who travels around doing children’s programs and concerts.

I talked to him for a few moments to see what his deal is — turns out he also writes for the blog The Jew & The Carrot, on “Jews, food and contemporary issues.”  After noticing my anti-war button on my coat, he gave me a few CDs to possibly review, which includes some good-natured political criticism.  It’s good to run into people who are really doing things they believe in and I definitely give press and props to those people.  It is also affirming to me and happened just in time to keep me from losing heart …

I think I’m going to start putting a sign on my back when I bike:

“Runs on Veggies”


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What do you like about Central New York?

Hunny and I have been debating leaving or staying here in rainy Utica.  Sometimes the grass is greener somewhere else, even with a lot of precipitation in your own town.  Neither us is native to Utica, but have found quite a lot to keep us busy and lots of great people here. Things seem to be turning in the direction that we may be wanting to stay for a while …

Great things about living in Utica – in no particular order

  • organic farms nearby
  • bike-able city
  • the Stanley and the Arts scene in general
  • 5 college town – no joke
  • independent thinkers – never a lack of interesting conversation or debate!
  • up and coming / on the verge
  • The Boilermaker 15K!!!
  • low cost of living
  • lots of support for local, small businesses
  • Adirondacks 30 minutes away
  • friendly people
  • Diversity – 11% of Uticans are immigrants and Utica has the fourth highest density of resettled refugees in the U.S.!

Things that could be improved – in no particular order

  • The Arts scene
  • closing the gap between activists/advocates and the people we are advocating for
  • closing the economic gap 
  • public transportation
  • race relations and integration of refugees, esp. with arts community (I think this is a matter of time and people breaking out of old patterns of thought)
  • business climate and the conversation around Properity and Abundance
  • acceptance and visibility of LGBTQ community
  • accountability of government leaders

Please feel free to add on and comment on this list.

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Soulforce comes to Utica

A grassroots, non-violence driven marriage equality group that has recently come to my attention, Soulforce, will be making a stop in Utica next Wednesday for a potluck and public forum. Though the focus is on marriage equality for LGBTQ, you can see from their website that the platform is much broader and I really like the approach they take – non-violent soulforce action. Really a well-organized, inspiring group of young people. New Yorkers, check out the site and find out where they will be presenting in your area.

Utica: Wednesday, July 25 at 6pm- dinner, 7pm forum, at Plymouth-Bethseda United Church of Christ, 500 Plant St. Local political leaders, including senators, faith leaders, and LGBTQ couples have been invited to speak.

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DIY Impeachment 2007

As the Daily Kos is probably one of the most widely read blogs in the blogosphere – blogo-world, I probably don’t need to bring this to readers’ attention – but quite frankly, we need to be planting these kinds of bugs in people’s ears.

The Democrats in the tiny town of Kirkland, NY, brought a similar resolution into play earlier this year. Whether it got passed, I’m not sure, but they got some press time and put into the consciousness here.  Crazy Peacenicks!

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Stope the Hate … Bake some cookies

OK I know I’m a cheezeball, but I am so happy that I finally learned to bake cookies without a recipe. Pretty easy, even vegan ones. How do you think I paid someone to fix my computer? Cookies, of course.

If you want the recipe for my favorite oatmeal-craisin vegan cookies, holla’. Or just go to and search for oatmeal cookies. mmmm.

Thanks to Clapso for the link to this effort.

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Computer Crashing, Nothing Doing

Just an update. There hasn’t been much activity here at New World Dawning since my computer crashed last Friday. Yup.  Hard Drive fried, getting a new one installed this weekend. Some things have pretty much been on hold b/c of that, but others are moving right along.

More updates soon.


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Fast Day

  I have been going back and forth on writing today. It’s been a full day of research and busy stuff.  Today I tried going the time-tested “Time Management Through Fasting.”  Yes, I got a lot done without wasting so much time puttering around, eating etc.  It also had the added benefit of making me more open to coaching from others, clarity and focus, and possibly some karmic cleansing. Not that I would know …

I’ve been feeling like I needed to cleanse for a while now, especially since this past weekend was kind of a free for all with all kinds of vegan treats and I could feel my digestion slowing down. Water fasting is a good way to jumpstart your lymph and digestive systems. Also good for alkalizing.  Tomorrow I will break the fast with fresh juices and maybe a light meal in the evening.

And despite this, I cannot think or/focus on one thing in particular to write about today. I feel as if I am being pulled in many directions!

While you’re wondering how to not go crazy while not eating, I will post this great nutrient dense pancake recipe:

Ingredients: 1 soft banana, 1 cup flour, 1 tsp flax meal, a handful of rolled oats, a handful or two of crushed walnuts, pinch of salt and a little more than a pinch of baking soda. 

Mix together, mushing up the banana and add water (less than a cup) until the batter is a medium consistency – pourable but not watery.

Heat a griddle (I like cast iron) and oil with vegetable oil, olive oil, or Earth Balance. Cook the pancakes, flipping when lots of bubbles appear.

OK, so not earth shattering. But they are soo good, esp with maple syrup, jam, or peanut butter.  Apologies for the lack of measurements.

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