world peace diet reviewed & renewed

In which I say a lil about this phenomenal book, The World Peace Diet by Dr. Will Tuttle.

Order online at
Kitten clip at the end.

*** from a review by Eve Spencer, Vegan Voice Magazine **
“The World Peace Diet is not a diet in the sense of a fad diet to lose weight, but the author illustrates clearly how the social, psychological and spiritual consequences of our meals “ripple through all aspects of our lives.”

“The book is systematically developed to reveal the connection between what we daily put on our plates, and peace in the world and in our lives. Some of the chapters covered include the power of food, the herding culture, the nature of intelligence, domination of the feminine, the metaphysics of food, science and religion, profiting from destruction, the journey of transformation, and in the final chapter—living the revolution—is ‘the last days of eating animal.'” …


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    Jessi said,

    Hi Aletha! I just finished this book too. It is an AMAZING book, right?! Best AR book I’ve read so far. I met Will Tuttle last year at the AR conference.
    Peace, Jessi

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      alethafaye said,

      That’s awesome! Yeah I’ve read it 2x and now my boyfriend is reading it.
      I like the book b/c it’s not as reductionist & militant, yet his reasoning appeals to the reader’s higher consciouness. It’s more motivating to say “I’m doing something for peace,” rather than “I’m doing something AGAINST XYZ” imho …

      PS I love your zine! will order more soon 🙂 thanks! (peace to all creatures zine & blog at blogspot)

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