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How To: Green Juice!

Vegans in the kitchen, making awesome green juice and acting silly with companion kitties. What more could you ask for?
My first attempt at editing the clips. Please comment, rate and sub if you like!! more to come!

** Recipe **
1 granny smith apple
several handfuls of spinach
handful of parsley
3 small carrots
3 stalks celery
lemon wedge

The Juicer used in this video is an auger type Samson GB 900-1 All-in-One juicer. **


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‘smart choices’ not so smart

Don’t be fooled by a stupid label. The foods that are best for you, generally don’t have any packaging or labels!! Fruits & Veggies!!! DUH.

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Delicious Tree Bark … Slippery Elm

Slippery Elm
Ulmus fulva
Thanks to another healer friend of mine, I have discovered the wonderful and delicious slippery elm. I’m not sure why I think it’s delicious – it certainly doesn’t lend itself to much culinary creativity – but the healing properties of this herb are amazing.
A few days ago I purchased said herb in powder form and have been making tea from it a few times a day, between meals. It has the interesting property, like flax, of becoming muciligenious (sp?) – mucus-like and um, slippery – when heated in water and has a distinctive nutty-sweet-earthy flavor. Its main property? To coat, soothe, and heal the GI tract, reducing many symptoms of IBS and colits. Because of it’s soothing properties, it’s also used for burns, ulcers, sore throats and respiratory ailments, among other things.
Apparently, Native Americans used to use it as a ‘survival herb’ … not sure what that means, but it makes my tummy feel happy and full and calm, for which I am very grateful :).

This same friend offered me some very good advice and insights and at his reccomendation, I have restarted enzymatic therapy more dilligently and increasing my raw intake again. What I found most interesting is that he mentioned that the gallbladder is the seat of your personal will. I had mine removed when I was 16 and have had digestive problems ever since due to the bile imbalance (something I didn’t know much about until about six months ago, and am still learning)… from that he accurately predicted that I also struggle to find my voice and assert my will in my own life. Amazing how everything is so interconnected like that.

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Naturopathic Medicine II

I’ve noticed a lot of people have been reading my first post on Naturopathic Medicine, so I am posting an update of my progress so far working with a N.D. on my Ulcerative Colitis. I am also going to post a page with some background about my seven year journey, including alternative therapies, with U.C. for people who are looking for support.
I had a phone follow-up call with the N.D. a few days ago after about 5 weeks on the regimen that we specified (see previous post). So far the results have been good, in conjunction with the pharmadrugs. I am finally tapering off of the Predisone, down to 35mg/day from 50mg. I will be off it by mid-February. My colon has calmed down a lot, though not to the “one or two” bowel movements per day that both my dr’s are hoping for.
The tumeric and herbal blend (marshmallow, slippery elm, etc) that I have been taking twice a day is part of a long range plan with stages for the healing and restoration. I will keep taking these for two more months before going on to another blend (not sure what that is).
My diet is almost back to normal – meaning, a high-fiber plant-based diet. I have to watch the fiber though, make sure it’s enough soluable. I’ve stopped eating the cheese and few eggs that I had been for a few weeks – a recommitted vegan – after reading the first 100 pages of The World Peace Diet and being reminded of the horrible pain and suffering involved with producing those ‘foods.’
Interestingly, I have found now that if I am going to eat a lot of fruit or veggies, it’s better to eat them raw with the enzymes intact – then I have much less bloating and unconfortability. When I told that to the N.D., she suggested that I go back to using digestive enzymes only when I have a big cooked meal. I am still taking UltraFlora (probiotics), Iron Extra, and at least 3,000mg of Flax Oil a day. Eating it as just oil wasn’t working so well for me, so I take caplets, but I also eat oil and flax meal pretty much everyday. You can never get enough of that stuff! The N.D. says that eventually the omega-3 rich flax oil is what is going to act as the anti-inflammatory after I am off the predisone.
The goal is not, obviously, to be on a lot of supplements. Right now they are really supportive for the healing process. I’ve gained some weight (about 10 lbs.), either from the predisone or from actually being able to digest food, or both. Either way, I am feeling a lot better and my energy is up despite the drug-induced insomnia (sleeping about 5 hours a night). Unfortunately, I had picked up drinking small amounts of coffee throughout the day to combat my sleepiness (and b/c I like the taste and live with a coffee snob) but now at my N.D.’s suggestion am switching to green tea and yerba mate, both of which have some benefits for UC.
I’ll leave you with this thought: Health is a function of your participation. Participation in life, in your healing, in anything. You have to engage. The energy you put in is what feeds you life. I have been on a crazy roller coaster of participation, throwing myself back into multiple projects and socializing a lot since coming out of ‘hiding’ (translation: hospital) and that has been a large part of my healing.
I realize this may be striking for many who think they need to ‘conserve’ their energy in order for their body to heal, but that is a stingy attitude (a conversation coming from scarcity) that will probably leave you always feeling tired and unsatisfied … If you want an abundance of health and vitality, YOU have to generate it and put it out there. [While being responsible for it and taking care of yourself.]

Also: The second Tuesday in February, I will be giving a talk to a local (Utica, NY) wellness group about healing and living with colitis naturally. Just a little background (more to be up on a page soon), some of the ‘alternative’ therapies that I have benefitted from that I will discuss include yoga, acupunture, BIOSET, reiki, diet and cleansing, enzyme therapy, homeopathy, raw food and juicing, colon hydrotherapy and herbal enemas.

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Upstate Vegans!

This isn’t actually ‘local’ but Albany is not that far …
Here is a new cafe serving *exclusively* vegan food. Yay! Not a lot of that in Utica area right now.
Right now I am a fan of ritualistically going to Peter’s Cafe-ucopia on Sundays for their breakfast burrito and green juice. No, the wrap is NOT vegan, it has local organic farm fresh eggs in it – the only kind that I will eat. We all pick our battles.

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Runs on veggies …

I left work early today. (actually I am there on more of a volunteer basis now.)

So I biked over to the local public library to see if I could put up a poster for my first Wellness Workshop that hun and I are putting on in August. Found out, however, that they only allow non-profit orgs to post their stuff there.

As I walked in though, I noticed something I’ve never seen in Utica before, something which made me smile and was a bit serendipitous (spelling?) : “The Veggie Voyager” – a van with posters all over it explaining veg oil engines… turns out the owner is Jay Mankita, a rather well-known singer/songwriter who travels around doing children’s programs and concerts.

I talked to him for a few moments to see what his deal is — turns out he also writes for the blog The Jew & The Carrot, on “Jews, food and contemporary issues.”  After noticing my anti-war button on my coat, he gave me a few CDs to possibly review, which includes some good-natured political criticism.  It’s good to run into people who are really doing things they believe in and I definitely give press and props to those people.  It is also affirming to me and happened just in time to keep me from losing heart …

I think I’m going to start putting a sign on my back when I bike:

“Runs on Veggies”

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Fast Day

  I have been going back and forth on writing today. It’s been a full day of research and busy stuff.  Today I tried going the time-tested “Time Management Through Fasting.”  Yes, I got a lot done without wasting so much time puttering around, eating etc.  It also had the added benefit of making me more open to coaching from others, clarity and focus, and possibly some karmic cleansing. Not that I would know …

I’ve been feeling like I needed to cleanse for a while now, especially since this past weekend was kind of a free for all with all kinds of vegan treats and I could feel my digestion slowing down. Water fasting is a good way to jumpstart your lymph and digestive systems. Also good for alkalizing.  Tomorrow I will break the fast with fresh juices and maybe a light meal in the evening.

And despite this, I cannot think or/focus on one thing in particular to write about today. I feel as if I am being pulled in many directions!

While you’re wondering how to not go crazy while not eating, I will post this great nutrient dense pancake recipe:

Ingredients: 1 soft banana, 1 cup flour, 1 tsp flax meal, a handful of rolled oats, a handful or two of crushed walnuts, pinch of salt and a little more than a pinch of baking soda. 

Mix together, mushing up the banana and add water (less than a cup) until the batter is a medium consistency – pourable but not watery.

Heat a griddle (I like cast iron) and oil with vegetable oil, olive oil, or Earth Balance. Cook the pancakes, flipping when lots of bubbles appear.

OK, so not earth shattering. But they are soo good, esp with maple syrup, jam, or peanut butter.  Apologies for the lack of measurements.

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