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Creation, crafts, and crochet

Something I haven’t posted about in a while here is CRAFTING!!  My creativity is flowing pretty well lately, evidenced by my more frequent blog posts!  – which I attribute to Kundalini yoga, 12-step, and generally taking better care of myself.

These days I mainly crochet, though I’ve learned to knit and do some sewing, and used to work a lot in oil paint, oil pastel, and ceramics.  Fiber art is like painting, but less messy, which is part of why I like it. I also like the textures – you can’t touch a wet painting [well, you can, but you’d mess it up and get paint all over yourself], but you are tactilely stimulated just by holding an unfinished fiber project.

I favor crochet in particular because it is immediately gratifying. You can create something in about 5 minutes that didn’t exist in the world until you translated from your brain, to you hand, to your hook & yarn. Voila!

I’m really getting tuned in to the sacredness of the act of creating. I’m not really talking about making stuff, although that has been my focus for a while now, but really on the process and act of creation. is it possible to leave the world a better place than it was yesterday because of something you created today? I think if we can each aspire to that goal, what a beautiful place the world would be!

Even though I just said that I don’t want to focus on ‘things’ per se, this blog is a good opportunity to share some of the creative work I’ve done recently that didn’t make it to my etsy shop ~ usually because they were commissioned or were sold in person before getting up on my shop.

This piece is a purse [unfinished] that was commissioned for the holiday season by a friend. He showed me a painting his wife had bought him and said ‘those colors, she likes those colors.’  so that’s what I worked from in my head. I got to use a lot of fun colors, textures & yarns for this one. Lined with a patterned cotton, 3 pockets inside, and a braided shoulder strap sewn into metal loops…

Freeform crochet purse

Freeform purse side 2

This drawstring purse is actually one of the first things I ever crocheted, waaaay back in 2006. I just sold it last December at a craft show. Before then I’m sure it was hiding away in a rubber tub with all my crafting stuff, waiting to feel adequate enough for someone to love it … It’s in a good home now.

Here we see another ‘experiment’, first time try at using one of those knitting looms. I call it the Rockstar/Tina Cap after Tina i

n the TV Show “Glee” … it has subtle sparkly & verigated ribbon woven through out and gathering in a nice cascade in the back (screw pom poms!!), like a pony-tail.

Originally I got the loom thinking that I could use it to make hats that could them be embellished, like the above purse. I didn’t really have time and just dressed up this black hat, and guess what, someone snatched it up at the same craft show last year.

OK that’s all I’m putting up for now. I need to work on some graphic projects, and also back to the wedding throw I’m making for my friend [out of Red Heart Eco-yarn, made from recycled materials]. I hardly follow patterns or do large projects, so this is going to be a breakthrough for me.  I’ll post some photos later.



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Top 25!!

Hey, FYI I made it in the top 25 for Just!Proud! Thanks for your votes ~ I still need more though!
Here’s the prize I’m going for:
* Being the 1st FACE of JUSTPROUD Fashion Brand
* Worldwide coverage of being the 1st new face
* A photo/film shoot in either Europe or USA (to be decided)
* Flights, hotels and expenses fully covered
* Appearance on FashionTV
* Your stage to be known WORLDWIDE!

Thanks again for your support!

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I write, design, edit – what am I?

Hey! I’m excited because I think I finally figured out the proper title for what I do on a daily basis:

I am a Communication Designer. Specifically in health care. This definition is broad/vague enough to encompass all that I do, but specific enough to aptly describe it.  On a day to day basis I’m: designing customer service banners & poster; ordering promo items; manipulating image & text; editing photos; creating brochures & mailers for different hospital departments & programs; gathering information and laying out hospital-wide newsletters; coordinating physician lectures & mass faxing flyers; writing press releases; taking photos & writing copy for our website. You get the idea …

A Communication Designer “seeks to attract, inspire, create desires and motivate the people to respond to messages, with a view to making a favorable impact to the bottom line of the commissioning body, which can be either to build a brand, move sales, or for humanitarian purposes. Its process involves strategic business thinking, utilizing market research, creativity, and problem-solving.”  I work mainly with visual & text.

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twitface II

Hey, my twitter feed is now located on the sidebar of this blog. I likely update twitter several times a day in lieu of lenthy blog posts. This at least helps me to feel connected and archive ideas that I may want to write about or reference at a later point.

Feel free to follow me on twitter, or comment on my ‘tweets’ on wordpress. It’s all about staying connected!



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‘smart choices’ not so smart

Don’t be fooled by a stupid label. The foods that are best for you, generally don’t have any packaging or labels!! Fruits & Veggies!!! DUH.

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