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Sharing a piece of Rumi

A Delicate Girl


The terrible grief of being human! Let

us drink it all, but with a difference.


We sit with Junnaiyd and Bestami. The

moon rising here cannot be covered with


cloud. There are no deaths for lovers.

Who is the self? A delicate girl that


flows out when we draw the sword of

selfless action. This earth eats men


and women, and yet we are sent to eat

the world, this place that tries to fool


us with tomorrow. Wait until tomorrow,

which we outwit by enjoying only this


now. We gather at night to celebrate

being human. Sometimes we call out low


to the tambourine. Fish drink the sea,

but the sea does not get smaller! We


eat the clouds and evening light. We

are slaves tasting the royal wine.



Right now it is snowing heavily on Pontiac. Makes me miss upstate a little … trying to figure out the immediate future is slow going. Each little thing dependent on the next on the next on the next … etc.


Some Kiss We Want


There is some kiss we want with

our whole lives, the touch of


spirit on the body. Seawater

begs the pear to break its shell.


And the lily, how passionately

it needs some wild darling! At


night, I open the window and ask

the moon to come and press its


face against mine. Breathe into

me. Close the language-door and


open the love-window. The moon

won’t use the door, only the window.



Someone who does not run

toward the allure of love

walks a road where nothing


lives. But this dove here

senses the love hawk floating

above, and waits, and will not


be driven or scared to safety.


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Some deer were made widows…

Welcome to Michigan! This past weekend was opening weekend for deer-hunting season .. yee haw! (?)

But seriously – 10% of Michigan residents hunt (for food?) … I made the mistake of planning a 2 1/2 hour driving trip on Monday. I got to see some carnage firsthand. I saw at least ten bleeding and open bodies of these beautiful creatures strapped to the backs of cars, thrown in truck beds, or otherwise contorted to fit onto fiery transport machines so that their ‘owners’ could haul them home, triumphantly slice the flesh from their bones and freeze them in pieces. Later they will slowly consume the anguish of being caught and killed during the height of mating season. They will create caricatures of the magnificent animals out of their heads to hang on the wall as an announcement that “I am man – conquerer of nature!” Meanwhile, their wives hold ‘deer widow’ parties and actual deer really are made widows.

No more to say for now …

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Seems I might actually have and audience here … As my life becomes scattered, geographically, there must be some centralized narrative for those I’m no longer in daily contact with …



Monday I moved into a cute little 1950s house with my cousin (through marriage) and her seven-year-old son (part of the time). It sits on 5 acres, in a suburb of Detroit, right next to a highway. There are two pear trees in the backyard, which are obviously too late to harvest, but I thought it charming. We eat homemade Indian food almost every night, I finally have my own closet and my own room, just a little space of one’s own, right?

By the graces of good karma and influential family, it appears that I will be starting a job next week, one dealing with people mainly, and NOT computers, so I am happy about that.

This is some kind of commercial mecca … strip malls and housing developments EVERYWHERE. Definitely lacking the personality of upstate NY… My best discoveries so far have not been the Banana Republic and J. Crew, where I will probably never shop, but the Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s that are both 5 miles from my house, and the nearby Salvation Army (which is clean, organized and cheerful).

It seems that people really come out of the woodwork when we go through transitions … have been talking to several people the past few days and I really appreciate the support. It is quiet, a kind of mini-vacation, and I miss the familiar faces and friends I have in Utica.

Right now we’ve got to prepare for the family Thanksgiving & Christmas and some other functions to be held at my aunt’s house here. When I say family, I mean several grandparents, seven sets of (my) aunts & uncles with their various children etc., so it’s no small occasion. I am thankful to be so near to them now.

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What I’m reading, and other news

Just an update – since I used this blog as a record of my own reading…

Reading: Right now I am engrossed in a few books: Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov; Small Changes, by Marge Piercy; and the current issue of The Believer.   Feed my brain!

Life: I’m right now packing up for my move to Michigan. Monday was my last day as copy editor at the local paper … it’s a little weird to have so much time to myself now, but that’s what I wanted!  I’m hoping to leave this weekend, and looking forward to spending time with family and getting myself grounded again.

Naturopath: I realize I never really gave an update after last time like I said I would. Basically, I completed a two month allergy diet and determined that I at least have a sensitivity to SOY. Not wheat, or corn, or milk even. Soy is really what sets off my tummy. Wow. Kind of interesting for a vegan … So I haven’t been eating soy for about a month, and have been eating local organic eggs from my friend’s farm, and I feel a lot better.

My colitis symptoms are for the most part under control, however, I am still on a lot of pharmaceuticals, including dicyclomine (anti-spasmodic), cortifoam (cortisone supporitories – though I’m doing these less frequently), still on azasan 50 mg x2 (immuno-suppressant).  The funny thing being that I’ve been doing things that were on my ‘avoid list’ for a long time (i.e. smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol moderately) yet  I’ve been feeling healthier than I have in a looong time.

So I think it’s more a state of mind. My stress level is much lower now than it was when I was engaged/married, and I’m more physically active now than I was – walking, yoga, packing etc.

If you get a chance, check out new photos on my Flickr page – I uploaded lots more crochet and knit photos.



As for Barack Obama being elected the 44th president of the United States … WOW. I’m proud to be an American and looking forward to his leadership. I don’t think there’s anything I can say that hasn’t already been said about this historic election, but for me personally it was truly inspiring. America you did the right thing! My faith is restored!

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