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Y not cease fishing in the Gulf of Mexico?

Ever wonder what vegans eat? Well, we eat A LOT of things ūüôā¬† Here’s just a sample of what my wonderful vegan BF made for dinner last night …

* * * * * *

In other random thoughts, we were talking about the oil spill again last night and about the moratorium on deep water drilling, which can be debated whether that is a good thing or not, but … Why hasn’t anyone suggested a MORATORIUM ON FISHING???!!!¬† Let the species recover for g-d’s sake.. why has this not occurred to anyone? We don’t dare rob people of their precious seafood dinner, but we’ll gladly rob the life of innocents for our palate. Talk about addiction (as in, addiction to fossil fuels), this one is so deep under wraps that no one dare speak of it. Wake up people. Fish are going to be gone from your waters in a few decades at this rate and then you will HAVE TO give up eating them.


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world peace diet reviewed & renewed

In which I say a lil about this phenomenal book, The World Peace Diet by Dr. Will Tuttle.

Order online at
Kitten clip at the end.

*** from a review by Eve Spencer, Vegan Voice Magazine **
“The World Peace Diet is not a diet in the sense of a fad diet to lose weight, but the author illustrates clearly how the social, psychological and spiritual consequences of our meals “ripple through all aspects of our lives.”

“The book is systematically developed to reveal the connection between what we daily put on our plates, and peace in the world and in our lives. Some of the chapters covered include the power of food, the herding culture, the nature of intelligence, domination of the feminine, the metaphysics of food, science and religion, profiting from destruction, the journey of transformation, and in the final chapter‚ÄĒliving the revolution‚ÄĒis ‘the last days of eating animal.'” …

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late night vegan rants …

Not my best, but at least it’s very, um, candid ūüôā

I feel sort of bad about bashing the oilspill coverage. but I feel worse about all the sea life that people seem to think is just there for their dinner …

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The box is here!

small veggie box
The small veggie ‘box’ made it to my front porch… so obviously it’s not all local (bananas?) so I have a feeling this is more like a food buying coop than a CSA, but I’m not completely disappointed. Can’t wait to try some of everything! Looks like enough to last a little more than a week for me at least, cept for maybe the fruit [I eat a lot of fruit] … yaaay!

Box contents:  Bunch of bananas, half pound(?) of cherries, two nectarines,  3 oranges, 1 lb. of sweet red yams (I subbed these for kiwis), 1 red onion, 1 giant cabbage, 2 heads of broccoli, half pound of mixed greens, bunch of carrots.

Ok I’m recovering from a giant coconut, almond, & pineapple smoothie right now [mixed in my hand-powered blender]. Supercharged! Then a short run …

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One vegetarian at a time …

That’s how change happens.

I’m delighted to report that my beau of six months told me last night that he is committing, taking the first step and going to be a pesco-ovo-vegetarian (he’d already scrapped dairy after hearing a lecture by a vegan nutritionist)!¬† According to him, it’s a very logical decision and he’s approaching it from ‘mind over matter’ perspective. Next on his ‘to-read’ list: Animal Liberation by Peter Singer.

Slowly, one step at a time …

A few weeks ago my supervisor at work [who’s also a yoga teacher], committed to being vegetarian. We went grocery shopping together.

One step at a time.

My housemate/cousin told me yesterday that given the option for a chicken or vegetable dish, she opted for the vegetable dish.¬† She says how she feels better eating less meat and doesn’t crave it hardly anymore.

One vegetarian meal at a time!

I also met a lovely vegan gal at the art center this weekend. There were only 11 people in this group and 2 of us were vegan!¬† It’s so great to think what percentage of the population is now taking this easy step to alter their dietary & lifestyle choice for the benefit of their health, the planet, and of course, the non-human animals.

Slowly, it’s happening.¬† Consciousness is being raised.

Everyday I talk to people who are reducing their intake of animals & animal products, realizing how unecessary, wasteful and cruel it is.  I truly believe this is the way to a more peaceful, happy, healthful future.

I challenge you [readers] to take a 30-day pledge to go meat-free and see if you don’t feel better!¬† March is national meat-out month.¬† Just leave a comment and let me know if you’re taking this on¬†…

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Reducing your consumption

If you have a chance / are interested, take a minute to check out the¬†Animal Writings¬†blog right now. He’s put together a really comprehensive bunch of strategies and tips for meat-eaters to reduce their meat consumption and increase vegetable and fruit consumption – something which I think we can all agree is a good thing, whether or not you give a fig about animals, their welfare, or their rights as sentient beings. You also have a right to great health, and shouldn’t keep yourself confined just because you’ve been raised in a culture that teaches you to eat meat as a default without ever seemingly asking your consent. You actually have a choice! ¬†Choose more vegetables!!

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Hand Talk

Oh My! I haven’t written in quite a while, so an update is due. ¬†Something is going on funky with my formatting here, so please ignore the lack of line breaks …¬†

¬†Though I spend some time here talking about alternative therapies, sometimes there is no replacement for good ole’ fashioned Western surgery … as was the case with my spouse, N, who sliced up his hand pretty good almost two weeks ago. ¬†He managed to severe four tendons and a nerve in his right hand, and had reconstructive surgery last Friday for it. [Picture below illustrates where the cuts are]. I haven’t seen his hand since the surgery, since it’s been bound up in a giant bandage and I wasn’t able to go with him to the doctor’s today.¬†Hand¬†¬†So we’ve been pretty preoccupied with that.¬†In the meantime, I had been crocheting up an excessive amount of fake food and small¬†amigurumi¬†animals … a new obsession. ¬†And I sold my first handmade item – a crocheted veggie burger where all the pieces come apart (play food).¬†¬†¬†I’ll be putting pictures up on ravelry and etsy soon too, once I secure a camera. ¬†Interestingly, I’ve noticed that my creativity/motivation waxes and wanes with the moon – no kidding. ¬†The two weeks before my period are the most manic ¬†productive for me. ¬†¬†Tonight is the night of my presentation on Living with and Healing Colitis/IBD Naturally. ¬† ¬†In a few weeks, some friends and I will be putting on a food workshop covering a variety of topics – vegetarian meal planning, quick and easy foods, flatbread making, energy of herbs and spices, medicinal teas etc. My section will be on Sprouting and Live Foods and salad dressing method (yes there is a method). See the flyer here –>Food Workshop¬†Flyer¬†¬†This workshop has been a long time in the making, it seems, as it is some of the same group that had been meeting for about a year trying to get a co-op off the ground.We realized, I think, that the main thing we want to accomplish with that is the educate and expand people’s idea of food, and to be conscious about their eating. ¬†Since eating permeates so much of our culture, food choices have a HUGE impact on the well being of individuals, communities and society as a whole.¬†

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