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Top 25!!

Hey, FYI I made it in the top 25 for Just!Proud! Thanks for your votes ~ I still need more though!
Here’s the prize I’m going for:
* Being the 1st FACE of JUSTPROUD Fashion Brand
* Worldwide coverage of being the 1st new face
* A photo/film shoot in either Europe or USA (to be decided)
* Flights, hotels and expenses fully covered
* Appearance on FashionTV
* Your stage to be known WORLDWIDE!

Thanks again for your support!


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Top 50! in Just!Proud!

I got an email notification today that I made it to the top 50 in the Just!Proud Fashion Brand Contest based on votes. Thank you!! If you haven’t voted for me to be the face of this revolutionary little brand, please vote here. Voting ends NOV 18.

From there you can link to FB, Digg, stumbleupon, twitter etc., if you so choose.

Here is my motivation statement:  “I love fashion as an art form and as an empowerment tool. People should be free to express themselves through fashion, regardless whether they fit into a stereotype of ‘traditional’ beauty. Plus modeling & posing is much fun!! Cameras love me!”

A little more information about Just!Proud ~~ it’s not just for models, it’s for fashion-lovers, designers, photographer and anyone who aspires to make an impact through fashion & design art. It’s a grassroots, but international idea. Contestants in the modeling contest represented 24 countries!

You do have to created a login to vote. This is simply so they can track and make sure no one votes more than once. After that, you don’t have to participate if you don’t want to .. but there will also be ambassador roles and the community will play a big role in the direction of this brand  via discussions & forums etc. …

So please check it out –>

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Some photo/modeling updates

I just uploaded a few more pics onto my color & bnW pages. I haven’t been modeling much lately b/c I’ve had this awful rosacea on my face [only on one side though!?]. It’s just getting under control.
I think I got a little resigned/ defeated about modeling, plus questioning the ethics of it all … topic for a whol other post.

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Life seems to be best encapsulated by music (for me lyrics usually) but I will refrain from posting an entire song on here today. The one that’s been running through my mind is Synthesized by The Epoxies (again, another DDR-X pick).  Look it up on you tube if you want. ‘Nuff said.

Anyhow .. have been feeling more creative lately and small bit sof narrative, story, questions, etc. are coming out. The challenge is to keep them going, hopefully to produce something tangible.  We shall see.

In other news … have been working on modeling, putting together a portfolio. I should have some photos up on flickr soon from two photographers I met … Also secured a position [on-call]  figure modeling for a large art center in the area. Have yet to do a class there though.

Hey check out my etsy shop!  – Free form and custom crochet & knit goods.

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