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I make things

I think of myself as a maker. I make things .. all kinds of things. It’s the main way I contribute to life and fulfill certain spiritual needs. Here are some things I’ve made recently (all these pics are from my cell phone, so I apologize if the quality is a little grainy):

breadWhole Wheat Bread (no eggs) – kneading the bread is my favorite part; and eating a toasty piece with peanut butter!

sushi1Veggie Sushi – possibly my favorite food in the world! I was so excited about this dinner I made for myself one night after a hard workout – you can see makings for temaki, brown rice & veggies, vegan miso soup, umeboshi plums, bragg’s and wasabi for dipping, and steamed bok choy. What a spread! yummmm

gauntletThis is half of a pair of exquisite banana silk wrist-warmers I had the privilege of custom-crafting for my best friend in CA. I sent them to her a week ago and glad to say the customer is happy. Thanks for the inspiration and ideas!


This is probably the hardest to see and requires the most explanation. This (also inspired by my best friend Adele) is a collage of my dream themes for the past month. You may or may not have read in previous posts that we are engaged in some dreamwork … basically I keep a dream journal – not hard as I have involved, vivid dreams nearly every night. After about a month, I went back through the journal and wrote down what I saw as themes, and then I collaged them. I’m not sure what purpose this serves except to sort of process some of those themes. 

Anyway, some of the themes that came up and are in this collage are: transportation (cars & trains), wandering, family, homes & houses, couches, non-vegan desserts (mainly marshmallows, but I couldn’t find any in the magazines!), movie stars, nature/woods, churches, puppies. Some other abstract themes that I don’t hink I worked into here are: picking up belongings that are left behind, messy rooms, cigarettes (addiction), and basements.  A lot of these things are actually very reality-based for me; also, recognizing that they are all aspects of myself and not some external force in my dreams is important.

Thanks for allowing me to share!



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New photos, insights, dreams

I’m not so good at uploading photos to this blog, but I have ‘new’ photos that I just scanned and uploaded onto my flickr page (apparently I can’t copy the link here – but go to flickr and search for alethafaye). They are photos that Adele took when she was in her photo class(es) at school and she was gracious enough to mail them all to me as I was looking for photos to start building a ‘portfolio.’ I think she is quite good … Soon I will also have standard head shots & body shots to apply for some modeling gigs and whatnot.


From Adele's collection

From Adele



From Gina - Headshot

From Gina - Headshot




Have been using the tarot frequently, as an interpretation tool. The deck I have is the Fenestra deck, a really beautiful deck in the style of the classic Rider-Waite. I was drawn to it after spending almost 45 minutes at the shop in Sedona looking for the ‘right’ one. I didn’t really even look at it, but just decided on it at the last minute. With a good guidebook with exercises (“Learning the Tarot” by Joan Bunning) I have been learning a lot — not just about tarot, but I think about myself, which is, after all, the purpose.

She suggests doing a daily one card reading. Admittedly, I have not been doing it every day, but it is very interesting on the days that I do, and have generally been keeping a journal. Last week I did a 12 card Celtic cross on a particular situation in my life and it proved to be very apt. I found myself crying (not hard to do for me) and in awe of the accuracy, and revelations, of the reading.

Today I drew The Hermit card (IX of the Major Arcana) … signalling a need for introspection, spending some time alone, withdrawing from the senses. This is something I’ve known I needed but have been resisting, or ignoring. It’s very easy for me to be a ‘slave to the senses’ so to speak. Luckily, I have that opportunity to be alone right now in my life, though I may find it a struggle to do so. Often the cards reveal something know by my ‘inner guidance’ but that I may be ignoring. It helps to bring things to light that sometimes I would prefer hidden. The tarot forces you to be honest and look into yourself (sometimes we all need a little kick, right?).

I have cards from the suit of swords come up rather frequently. I think this is interesting because I have also been having dreams about swords. I also dream about particular cards some nights and wake up to learn about them. I have never really been one to believe in ‘signs’ but I have always been a vivid dreamer and recognize my dreams as carriers of messages …

A particular dream I had featuring swords: My friends and I are having a pageant of some kind, inhabiting a rather large house … six people in flowing robes, like togas, are dancing in a line, when simulatneously they are all stabbed with swords. Not fatally … my one friend, who is in a lot of my dreams (people usually represent an aspect of self rather than themselves, hmmm – now I have to think about what this friend represents about me), is stabbed in the arm, his bicep is separated from the rest of his arm and the end of the sword is somehow broken or burned off. He falls and I run to see if he is OK, there’s a lot of blood. He wants me to pull the sword out, but I am scared that will hurt him more. But I pull it out, and then he is alright.

One interpretation is that I see I that while I have the power to inflict pain (I worry about this a lot) on others, and myself, I also have the power to heal, to make things right, to pull the sword out.




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