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Creation, crafts, and crochet

Something I haven’t posted about in a while here is CRAFTING!!  My creativity is flowing pretty well lately, evidenced by my more frequent blog posts!  – which I attribute to Kundalini yoga, 12-step, and generally taking better care of myself.

These days I mainly crochet, though I’ve learned to knit and do some sewing, and used to work a lot in oil paint, oil pastel, and ceramics.  Fiber art is like painting, but less messy, which is part of why I like it. I also like the textures – you can’t touch a wet painting [well, you can, but you’d mess it up and get paint all over yourself], but you are tactilely stimulated just by holding an unfinished fiber project.

I favor crochet in particular because it is immediately gratifying. You can create something in about 5 minutes that didn’t exist in the world until you translated from your brain, to you hand, to your hook & yarn. Voila!

I’m really getting tuned in to the sacredness of the act of creating. I’m not really talking about making stuff, although that has been my focus for a while now, but really on the process and act of creation. is it possible to leave the world a better place than it was yesterday because of something you created today? I think if we can each aspire to that goal, what a beautiful place the world would be!

Even though I just said that I don’t want to focus on ‘things’ per se, this blog is a good opportunity to share some of the creative work I’ve done recently that didn’t make it to my etsy shop ~ usually because they were commissioned or were sold in person before getting up on my shop.

This piece is a purse [unfinished] that was commissioned for the holiday season by a friend. He showed me a painting his wife had bought him and said ‘those colors, she likes those colors.’  so that’s what I worked from in my head. I got to use a lot of fun colors, textures & yarns for this one. Lined with a patterned cotton, 3 pockets inside, and a braided shoulder strap sewn into metal loops…

Freeform crochet purse

Freeform purse side 2

This drawstring purse is actually one of the first things I ever crocheted, waaaay back in 2006. I just sold it last December at a craft show. Before then I’m sure it was hiding away in a rubber tub with all my crafting stuff, waiting to feel adequate enough for someone to love it … It’s in a good home now.

Here we see another ‘experiment’, first time try at using one of those knitting looms. I call it the Rockstar/Tina Cap after Tina i

n the TV Show “Glee” … it has subtle sparkly & verigated ribbon woven through out and gathering in a nice cascade in the back (screw pom poms!!), like a pony-tail.

Originally I got the loom thinking that I could use it to make hats that could them be embellished, like the above purse. I didn’t really have time and just dressed up this black hat, and guess what, someone snatched it up at the same craft show last year.

OK that’s all I’m putting up for now. I need to work on some graphic projects, and also back to the wedding throw I’m making for my friend [out of Red Heart Eco-yarn, made from recycled materials]. I hardly follow patterns or do large projects, so this is going to be a breakthrough for me.  I’ll post some photos later.



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I make things

I think of myself as a maker. I make things .. all kinds of things. It’s the main way I contribute to life and fulfill certain spiritual needs. Here are some things I’ve made recently (all these pics are from my cell phone, so I apologize if the quality is a little grainy):

breadWhole Wheat Bread (no eggs) – kneading the bread is my favorite part; and eating a toasty piece with peanut butter!

sushi1Veggie Sushi – possibly my favorite food in the world! I was so excited about this dinner I made for myself one night after a hard workout – you can see makings for temaki, brown rice & veggies, vegan miso soup, umeboshi plums, bragg’s and wasabi for dipping, and steamed bok choy. What a spread! yummmm

gauntletThis is half of a pair of exquisite banana silk wrist-warmers I had the privilege of custom-crafting for my best friend in CA. I sent them to her a week ago and glad to say the customer is happy. Thanks for the inspiration and ideas!


This is probably the hardest to see and requires the most explanation. This (also inspired by my best friend Adele) is a collage of my dream themes for the past month. You may or may not have read in previous posts that we are engaged in some dreamwork … basically I keep a dream journal – not hard as I have involved, vivid dreams nearly every night. After about a month, I went back through the journal and wrote down what I saw as themes, and then I collaged them. I’m not sure what purpose this serves except to sort of process some of those themes. 

Anyway, some of the themes that came up and are in this collage are: transportation (cars & trains), wandering, family, homes & houses, couches, non-vegan desserts (mainly marshmallows, but I couldn’t find any in the magazines!), movie stars, nature/woods, churches, puppies. Some other abstract themes that I don’t hink I worked into here are: picking up belongings that are left behind, messy rooms, cigarettes (addiction), and basements.  A lot of these things are actually very reality-based for me; also, recognizing that they are all aspects of myself and not some external force in my dreams is important.

Thanks for allowing me to share!


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No babies kitty

Helllllloooo wide world of blogging. I’ve been guilty of neglecting you for more than two months and now have come to repent!
No babies kitty refers to the fact that I have discovered that my 6 year old cat likes to be carried around inside a hoodie (like a pregnant belly) so that he can be close to my warmth. It really seems to be the only way that he is happy because then he gets a break from following me around everywhere meowing and rolling around the floor provocatively. But there are no babies in there, only kitty!
OK that’s enought sillyness.
Some quick updates on a varity of subjects …
1) Health: was pretty stable until a colon-scope last week, from whcih I am still recovering. I switched to a new pharmaceutical (Lialda) the same as the Asacol, just a higher dose so I only take it twice a day; plus my immuno suppressant was upped to head off any inflammatory reaction I might have from the colonoscopy. Haven’t been able to get a hold of the naturopathic dr and hesitant to see an acupunturist given all the meds I am on.
2) Crafting: I’ll be in my first two craft shows this month selling all kinds of yummy and inedible crochet treats! Cookies, softies, freeform, you can check them all out at my flickr page.
the first one is the and the second is part of a pottery & art show put on by my good friend Natalie.
3) Relationship: The main one being marriage. I’ve taken on being masterful in the art of marriage, and learning as much as I can about what makes this relationship not just work, but flourish. So that is a great inquiry to be in , and any advice you have is welcome on one condition -No cynicism please! That is a really tired conversation – no wonder the divorce rate is so high!
We are moving this month to an airstream on a farm on the edge of town – a dream come true for a couple of DIY vegetarians trying to ‘get off the grid.’ We’ll let you know how it goes!

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    Hyperbolic coral reefs

    OK – I have to put another link to the Institute for Figuring (that’s a fun way to say ‘Math’) for their awesome crocheted hyperbolic coral reef exhibit.  Really beautiful, inspiring stuff … Now you can have a coral reef in your home without even having them in water or a tank!

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    the intersection of crafting and killing

    This is not usually what we think of when the topic of humane fiber art is raised (i.e. using plant based fibers instead of wool or silk), but I found it interesting:

    Knitted Frog Dissection – as long as you don’t use wool (as this crafter did), you’re not hurting any animals with this dissection kit. Of course it still flies in the face of a purist animal rights argument b/c we are still positioning animals within a scientific hierarchy where humans dominate…

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