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 Finally someone at the New York Times put out a piece that talks some sense about the seriousness of our culture’s meat-guzzling addiction and its implications for the planet!! This is good to see in such a major media outlet.  Will people actually start talking about it? 


Read it here:     Rethinking the Meat-Guzzler  by Mark Bittman


For more straight talk about the meat industry and health, I’ve been picking up pieces of Skinny Bitch  by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnoui. It’s hilarious. And they pull no punches. I won’t quote it here b/c, quite frankly, the language is not kid-friendly and I don’t want to offend anyone.


The part I love about it is that this non-diet ‘diet’ book, which happens to a NYT Bestseller, doesn’t promise fab results with no effort (we all know that’s bullsh*t anyway) – guess what people – you need to work a little to transform yourself and your life! If you don’t face up to that fact, you are deluding yourself.


Seems like maybe some people in the mainstream media are waking up  


OK One more good read, that again, I’ve only been getting bits and pieces of (this book lives in my bathroom), is The Exception to the Rulers by Amy Goodman and David Goodman of Democracy Now.  Just go to their website.



Happy reading!!


Also, this post is open to discussion for the 90+ people I sent the article to. Please, feel free to comment!  I want to hear what you think! 




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the intersection of crafting and killing

This is not usually what we think of when the topic of humane fiber art is raised (i.e. using plant based fibers instead of wool or silk), but I found it interesting:

Knitted Frog Dissection – as long as you don’t use wool (as this crafter did), you’re not hurting any animals with this dissection kit. Of course it still flies in the face of a purist animal rights argument b/c we are still positioning animals within a scientific hierarchy where humans dominate…

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I just have to put a link to this redonkulous website found via Admittedly, I laughed pretty hard at the images at first but . . .
I mean, really, wigs for cats? The photos are fabulous and these domesticated felines don’t seem to mind the attention, but please, DON’T buy one for you cat, even if part of the proceeds go the ASPCA.
Worth the laugh though.

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2007 Victories for Animals

I just watched this slideshow put together by the Humane Society USA showing some of the victories for non-human animals this year. It’s been a great one, and other changes are happening alongside the work that HSUS does.
From the Vick case, which lead to banning of animal fighting in the last few states it was allowed, to shutting down the last three horse slaughter farms in the US, and stricter laws on animal welfare from restaurants and animal testing … are small gains. People’s awareness is rising, but I hope we don’t get bogged down thinking that improved welfare standards are still OK “as long as the animals don’t suffer too much” when really the point is that animals are not ours to use, period.
Activists in NYC are making this point loud and clear, right now fighting hard to ban the horse-carriage tourist industry in that city. The point is not that the horses have better conditions, as those in favor of keeping the industry going argue for, the point is that they are being used for entertainment and put in dangerous and unnatural situations in the city.
Link to sign the petition of the Coalition to Ban Horse Drawn Carriages

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