From my friend over at thereafterish – she challenged readers to compose a poem from a random rhyme generator.

This is what I got from the words ‘vegan,’ yogi’ and ‘reject’ and 5 minutes of writing. I actually like it; it was fun!

Once upon a time I aspired to be vegan
Just one PETA video and I was ready to begin
Daily I gorged myself on gourmet char-grilled seitan
and freshly made salads topped with candied pecans
But one day my Yoga master, a respected old fogey
told me I had to have dairy if I wanted to be a strong yogi
Laughing in his face I continued to select
the very best rice cheeses & soymilks I could detect
He told me I was bordering on disrespect
And threatened to toss me out of this exclusive sect
So now I practice at home, a veganic yoga reject.

PS Fuzzy Baby Kitties! xoxoxo

4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Maeko said,

    Yea of the day
    in the month of May
    from your friend Mae
    who says, “Hey!”
    That’s a great ditty
    it isn’t itty bitty,
    the content of it is pretty
    good for the soul.
    I respect your control
    I could never have that goal!


  2. 3

    slpmartin said,

    A very clever use of those random words…kudos!

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