Waffle Party Deets

The event is also on Facebook – please RSVP by searching for Vegan Waffle Party, you’ll see one titles “Pontiac Edition” and add yourself to the guest list. It would be awesome to get fifty people out to the event! Downtown Pontiac, in a great space on N. Saginaw St, across from Bo’s, same building as Ajna Yoga Center (www.ajnayogacenter.org).


Global Vegan Waffle Party Comes to Pontiac May 29

Pontiac, May 21, 2010 – A truly unique get-together will be happening in downtown Pontiac on Memorial Day Weekend. What started 3 years ago in Pittsburg as a day of awareness and fun for vegan issues, has morphed into a global movement of inspired foodies sharing the deliciousness & variety of waffles.
“Some people ask me ‘How can waffles be vegan [no eggs or dairy]?” said organizer and long-time vegan Aletha Asay of Pontiac. (vegan for 3 years, and vegetarian for 3 years before that)  “It’s easy. You just replace some of the ingredients.” But attendees won’t have to worry about making their own waffles. Asay and volunteers will be dishing up the eats. The complete all-you can eat vegan waffle bar for $10 starts at 6:30 p.m. at 48 N. Saginaw St in Pontiac (Workfly, across from Bo’s).
Included is a live DJ, film screening of award-winning documentary “The Witness” (www.tribeofheart.org) and an opportunity to learn more about local animal charity Tail Waggers USA. Extra monies from the event will be donated to Tail Waggers’ Spay and Neuter program.
The purpose of Vegan Waffle Party is to ‘bring people together and raise awareness about serious issues in a fun, lighthearted, delicious, and non-threatening way,’ according to waffleparty.com. “I hope that people will come away having learned some truth about animal issues and be empowered to make more compassionate choices,” Asay added.

For more information or to RSVP, search Waffle Party on Facebook.



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