Just!Proud Fashion contest

A new international, community-driven [read: social media] fashion brand is emerging on the ‘interwebs’. It’s called Just!Proud.

WEBSITE: www.justproud.org

BLOG: http://justproudblog.blogspot.com/

I entered the contest to be the ‘face’ of this brand because it seems to me to represent a new way of thinking in the fashion & modeling industry. I view fashion as an empowerment tool, allowing people to express themselves. I like that Just!Proud doesn’t have the ‘prereqs’ for their models ~ i.e.  have to be a certain height & weight. It seems much more democratic – fashion by the people, for the people. 😀   Appeals to the idealist in me ..

So, please vote for me!! –> http://justproud.com/en/model/castingcall/View.aspx?id=292

The winner represents this new fashion brand internationally for once year. Sort of like a Ms. America … but it depends on YOU!


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