The box is here!

small veggie box
The small veggie ‘box’ made it to my front porch… so obviously it’s not all local (bananas?) so I have a feeling this is more like a food buying coop than a CSA, but I’m not completely disappointed. Can’t wait to try some of everything! Looks like enough to last a little more than a week for me at least, cept for maybe the fruit [I eat a lot of fruit] … yaaay!

Box contents:  Bunch of bananas, half pound(?) of cherries, two nectarines,  3 oranges, 1 lb. of sweet red yams (I subbed these for kiwis), 1 red onion, 1 giant cabbage, 2 heads of broccoli, half pound of mixed greens, bunch of carrots.

Ok I’m recovering from a giant coconut, almond, & pineapple smoothie right now [mixed in my hand-powered blender]. Supercharged! Then a short run …


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    dkzody said,

    You must live in a cool climate…we get cabbage, broccoli and greens during the winter here in the San Joaquin Valley. Right now it’s melons, peaches, basil, cucumbers, onions, potatoes, lettuce, bell peppers, and corn. I absolutely love my CSA subscription.

  2. 2

    alethafaye said,

    Yes you’re right. But I was sad to see that very little of it was, in fact, local! I have not restarted my subscription (put it on hold while I was travelling). I may only do it every other week …
    There was supposed to be corn, but I’m allergic to it, so I replace it. that’s the one nice thing about this service. It’s still a valuable service and makes ppls lives easier …

  3. 3

    alethafaye said,

    LOL I live in Southeastern MI

  4. 4

    Maven said,

    Ooh, good stuff. I participate in Purple Dragon food co-op. I get my “pick up” this week too. It’s always like “Iron Chef,” waiting to unveil the mystery ingredients:)

    Keep blogging!

    Surfed on in here via your profile on Ravelry.

    And in keeping with my thread on CLF, I’ve given your blog a “thumbs up” and got it listed on StumbleUpon, so other folks can hopefully surf on in and enjoy your blog.

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