the simple, adorable house

super adobe adorable house

super adobe adorable house


As long as I am allowed to indulge in fantasy to some extent …

i’ve wanted to build my own little house for as long as I can remember. as a kid I drew tons of floor plans, some general and some meticulous. so I am reaching back to my childhood to that comfortable place i abandoned … what stimulated this is that  i’ve found [or he found me] someone special who brings out that side of me more and more. He draws me away from my over-serious adult pretendings back to dreams from youth and idealistic, idyllic fantasies that are  the foundation of a created reality that I can actually see myself enjoying living in…

this house plan – reminiscent of childhood doodles – is an example of the manifestation of love I feel  for him:  simple & unabashed, sweet & deeply fulfilling


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  1. 1

    ami said,

    This looks great. Simple & adorable, indeed.

    • 2

      alethafaye said,

      Thanks 😀 I’m going to do a more detailed/different one, esp since I started loooking at floor plans on the internet for all kinds of cute compact [and some not so compact] straw bale & concrete structures …

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