Greening Healthcare …

And … the blog has been silent.  Apologies!

Something I’ve started working on a bit – greening the hospital I work at in Michigan. The hospital is 100 years old, though the building is newer.  Right now it’s a far cry from LEED-certified.  For now, I’m going to post a few links here for anyone who’s interested in what it takes to green healthcare, or business [see below].

Also, I’m interested in any grants – federal or state – to aid in making hospitals more environmentally friendly, or grants for urban gardening, green roofs, LEED etc. We are not a non-profit however, as most hospitals are,  so it may take some extra looking. Should be contacting the DEQ this week …


Also, please check out Motherhouse. Not sure the best was to put this, but it’s a retirement home for nuns, in Monroe Michigan. They’ve done an absolutely amazing job turning it into a sustainable, healthy, peace-based community.

Other Web Sites:

    Live Roof (HorTech) –

  Michigan Green –

  Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources –

  Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality, Recycling Info –,1607,7-135-3585_4130—,00.html

  Metro Health Hospital, Grand Rapids. The only LEED-certified full service hospital in Michigan –

  SE Michigan Directory of Waste Recycling Companies (20 page PDF) –

   Green Earth Technologies –


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