Some deer were made widows…

Welcome to Michigan! This past weekend was opening weekend for deer-hunting season .. yee haw! (?)

But seriously – 10% of Michigan residents hunt (for food?) … I made the mistake of planning a 2 1/2 hour driving trip on Monday. I got to see some carnage firsthand. I saw at least ten bleeding and open bodies of these beautiful creatures strapped to the backs of cars, thrown in truck beds, or otherwise contorted to fit onto fiery transport machines so that their ‘owners’ could haul them home, triumphantly slice the flesh from their bones and freeze them in pieces. Later they will slowly consume the anguish of being caught and killed during the height of mating season. They will create caricatures of the magnificent animals out of their heads to hang on the wall as an announcement that “I am man – conquerer of nature!” Meanwhile, their wives hold ‘deer widow’ parties and actual deer really are made widows.

No more to say for now …


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