Seems I might actually have and audience here … As my life becomes scattered, geographically, there must be some centralized narrative for those I’m no longer in daily contact with …



Monday I moved into a cute little 1950s house with my cousin (through marriage) and her seven-year-old son (part of the time). It sits on 5 acres, in a suburb of Detroit, right next to a highway. There are two pear trees in the backyard, which are obviously too late to harvest, but I thought it charming. We eat homemade Indian food almost every night, I finally have my own closet and my own room, just a little space of one’s own, right?

By the graces of good karma and influential family, it appears that I will be starting a job next week, one dealing with people mainly, and NOT computers, so I am happy about that.

This is some kind of commercial mecca … strip malls and housing developments EVERYWHERE. Definitely lacking the personality of upstate NY… My best discoveries so far have not been the Banana Republic and J. Crew, where I will probably never shop, but the Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s that are both 5 miles from my house, and the nearby Salvation Army (which is clean, organized and cheerful).

It seems that people really come out of the woodwork when we go through transitions … have been talking to several people the past few days and I really appreciate the support. It is quiet, a kind of mini-vacation, and I miss the familiar faces and friends I have in Utica.

Right now we’ve got to prepare for the family Thanksgiving & Christmas and some other functions to be held at my aunt’s house here. When I say family, I mean several grandparents, seven sets of (my) aunts & uncles with their various children etc., so it’s no small occasion. I am thankful to be so near to them now.


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    Stacey said,

    This post announcing your recent move to my old home area caught my eye on Ravelry. Hope you enjoy your time there, with your family. I’ll be up for Christmas to see mine (in Blmfld Hills, Royal Oak & Southfield). Hoping to check out City Knits for the first time…also need to stop at Munro Crafts in Berkley. Have you tried the Om Cafe in Ferndale yet?
    Personally, I plan to eat as much veggie Middle Eastern food as I can fit in me while I’m there. Yum.
    Good luck with the new job!

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