The Tarot is telling me to hang out and take it easy, do some contemplation; welcome the King of Cups’ energy into my life; a time of recovery, possibly travel, entering my life. Again, I had an uncannily accurate reading for my life last night.

Some good & great things happening for me … (grood)

  Gave a talk at the Utica-Rome Green Expo on plant-based diets. wo-hoo! I love getting up to talk to people about that kind of stuff.  Oh and had the MOST awesome VEG*N gluten free chocolate mocha chip brownie EVER.

  Finally took a three day weekend and went back to CT to chill with my folks and nieces (they’re 3 & 5). Even though I had a nasty cold it was awesome just to be with them all.

  While I was home, made some reconnections with some very special people in my life from high school (probably the only two people I still talk to from there).  At least one of these experiences I would classify in the category of ‘miraculous’ as by the definition being used in a seminar I am doing right now (Landmark) – forces you the reexamine life/your perception of reality.  Someone I was very close to, just thought I would probably never talk to .. and we are going to talk on the phone tonight. Opens up something completely new.

  Also, I am extremely happy for my friend Amy, who’s creating a life with her high school sweetie after a brief stint on the marriage train with the wrong person (anyone else up for a ‘test run?’)

  Speaking of which, I am closing in on my financial ability to legally ‘undo’ the marriage vows.


Also, I will be posting in the next few days, an update from my Naturopath …

Stay tuned.

The end. for now.


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