Delicious Tree Bark … Slippery Elm

Slippery Elm
Ulmus fulva
Thanks to another healer friend of mine, I have discovered the wonderful and delicious slippery elm. I’m not sure why I think it’s delicious – it certainly doesn’t lend itself to much culinary creativity – but the healing properties of this herb are amazing.
A few days ago I purchased said herb in powder form and have been making tea from it a few times a day, between meals. It has the interesting property, like flax, of becoming muciligenious (sp?) – mucus-like and um, slippery – when heated in water and has a distinctive nutty-sweet-earthy flavor. Its main property? To coat, soothe, and heal the GI tract, reducing many symptoms of IBS and colits. Because of it’s soothing properties, it’s also used for burns, ulcers, sore throats and respiratory ailments, among other things.
Apparently, Native Americans used to use it as a ‘survival herb’ … not sure what that means, but it makes my tummy feel happy and full and calm, for which I am very grateful :).

This same friend offered me some very good advice and insights and at his reccomendation, I have restarted enzymatic therapy more dilligently and increasing my raw intake again. What I found most interesting is that he mentioned that the gallbladder is the seat of your personal will. I had mine removed when I was 16 and have had digestive problems ever since due to the bile imbalance (something I didn’t know much about until about six months ago, and am still learning)… from that he accurately predicted that I also struggle to find my voice and assert my will in my own life. Amazing how everything is so interconnected like that.


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    AAAwwwright… you got it!… everything IS connected.

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