Naturopathic Medicine II

I’ve noticed a lot of people have been reading my first post on Naturopathic Medicine, so I am posting an update of my progress so far working with a N.D. on my Ulcerative Colitis. I am also going to post a page with some background about my seven year journey, including alternative therapies, with U.C. for people who are looking for support.
I had a phone follow-up call with the N.D. a few days ago after about 5 weeks on the regimen that we specified (see previous post). So far the results have been good, in conjunction with the pharmadrugs. I am finally tapering off of the Predisone, down to 35mg/day from 50mg. I will be off it by mid-February. My colon has calmed down a lot, though not to the “one or two” bowel movements per day that both my dr’s are hoping for.
The tumeric and herbal blend (marshmallow, slippery elm, etc) that I have been taking twice a day is part of a long range plan with stages for the healing and restoration. I will keep taking these for two more months before going on to another blend (not sure what that is).
My diet is almost back to normal – meaning, a high-fiber plant-based diet. I have to watch the fiber though, make sure it’s enough soluable. I’ve stopped eating the cheese and few eggs that I had been for a few weeks – a recommitted vegan – after reading the first 100 pages of The World Peace Diet and being reminded of the horrible pain and suffering involved with producing those ‘foods.’
Interestingly, I have found now that if I am going to eat a lot of fruit or veggies, it’s better to eat them raw with the enzymes intact – then I have much less bloating and unconfortability. When I told that to the N.D., she suggested that I go back to using digestive enzymes only when I have a big cooked meal. I am still taking UltraFlora (probiotics), Iron Extra, and at least 3,000mg of Flax Oil a day. Eating it as just oil wasn’t working so well for me, so I take caplets, but I also eat oil and flax meal pretty much everyday. You can never get enough of that stuff! The N.D. says that eventually the omega-3 rich flax oil is what is going to act as the anti-inflammatory after I am off the predisone.
The goal is not, obviously, to be on a lot of supplements. Right now they are really supportive for the healing process. I’ve gained some weight (about 10 lbs.), either from the predisone or from actually being able to digest food, or both. Either way, I am feeling a lot better and my energy is up despite the drug-induced insomnia (sleeping about 5 hours a night). Unfortunately, I had picked up drinking small amounts of coffee throughout the day to combat my sleepiness (and b/c I like the taste and live with a coffee snob) but now at my N.D.’s suggestion am switching to green tea and yerba mate, both of which have some benefits for UC.
I’ll leave you with this thought: Health is a function of your participation. Participation in life, in your healing, in anything. You have to engage. The energy you put in is what feeds you life. I have been on a crazy roller coaster of participation, throwing myself back into multiple projects and socializing a lot since coming out of ‘hiding’ (translation: hospital) and that has been a large part of my healing.
I realize this may be striking for many who think they need to ‘conserve’ their energy in order for their body to heal, but that is a stingy attitude (a conversation coming from scarcity) that will probably leave you always feeling tired and unsatisfied … If you want an abundance of health and vitality, YOU have to generate it and put it out there. [While being responsible for it and taking care of yourself.]

Also: The second Tuesday in February, I will be giving a talk to a local (Utica, NY) wellness group about healing and living with colitis naturally. Just a little background (more to be up on a page soon), some of the ‘alternative’ therapies that I have benefitted from that I will discuss include yoga, acupunture, BIOSET, reiki, diet and cleansing, enzyme therapy, homeopathy, raw food and juicing, colon hydrotherapy and herbal enemas.

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  1. 1

    Stephanie said,

    Just trying to find a Naturopathic doctor in OC and stumbled upon your blog through a google search.
    Hoping you will please provide the name and contact info on the ND you were referring to in your post…

    Health, peace and happiness to you,

  2. 2

    alethafaye said,

    Hi Stephanie,
    Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to your post. The person I go see is Dr. Amanda Fey and she’s at The Center for wellness in Auburn NY (so not exactly close) and she is also in Ithaca a few days a week. You can contact her through their site:
    Hope that helps!

  3. 3

    shoba said,

    My husband has been diagnosed with UC a yr ago. Rigth now he has 3 to 6 bowel movements everyday.
    We r thinking of trying Naturopathy treatment. But we do not know anyone who has got UC cured thr naturopathy treatment. Its almost a yr since u posted this and I am eager to know if you have any improvement. Do u suggest naturopathy treatment based on ur experience.
    It would be helpful to me if u could share your complete expereince with naturopathy cure for UC.
    Thanks in advance.
    – Shoba

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