2007 Victories for Animals

I just watched this slideshow put together by the Humane Society USA showing some of the victories for non-human animals this year. It’s been a great one, and other changes are happening alongside the work that HSUS does.
From the Vick case, which lead to banning of animal fighting in the last few states it was allowed, to shutting down the last three horse slaughter farms in the US, and stricter laws on animal welfare from restaurants and animal testing … are small gains. People’s awareness is rising, but I hope we don’t get bogged down thinking that improved welfare standards are still OK “as long as the animals don’t suffer too much” when really the point is that animals are not ours to use, period.
Activists in NYC are making this point loud and clear, right now fighting hard to ban the horse-carriage tourist industry in that city. The point is not that the horses have better conditions, as those in favor of keeping the industry going argue for, the point is that they are being used for entertainment and put in dangerous and unnatural situations in the city.
Link to sign the petition of the Coalition to Ban Horse Drawn Carriages


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    Live7n said,

    The animal fighting and using animal in tourist industry are for entertainment, the banning of this kind of activities is the responsibility of every citizens.

  2. 2

    alethafaye said,

    Yes, thanks Live7n. Did you sign the petition?

  3. 3

    mavisj said,

    There are so many atrocities committed against animals. We have been trying to stop antivisection for tens of years and we might find some help indirectly from presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee.

    Mike Huckabee is the only presidential candidate that holds hope for us antivivisectionists in raising awareness of the barbaric practices of useless and unnecessary animal experimentation. Huckabee speaks out boldly the fact that we will never fix our healthcare system until we FIRST put our efforts into health and wellness and is ready to tackle the greed of the pharmaceutical empire.

    I am an antivivisectionist and know that fraudulent and unnecessary animal experiments commissioned by the large pharmaceutical companies are their bread and butter, even when the results cannot be extrapolated to humans and thus not even hold up in court. And this Naked Empress pushes far too many drugs, rivaling only the dope pushers on the streets. The bible calls it pharmakia (Greek word) and it translates as “sorcery.”

    Then we have Mitt Romney who’s so out of touch that he proudly announced to the world at last night’s debate that he wholeheartedly supports the pharmaceutical empire. Bad move Romney.

    For those of us in environmental and health and wellness movements, that’s all we need to hear when choosing to cast our votes.

    Huckabee’s stand on health and wellness and getting himself well and curing his diabetes II through natural means by changing diet, eating habits, and exercise and how focusing on prevention and wellness will really help cut down on the unnecessary practice of waiting for someone to be incurably sick, aka sickness care. We don’t need more useless drugs, but a complete overhaul of our living and eating habits. I understand some drugs are beneficial in certain illnesses, but the truth is these pharmaceutical companies push far too much dope.

    Make no mistake about it, THIS speaks VOLUMES to us in the related environmental groups. But the only hurdle with that is most of us are democrats and therefore do not watch Republican debates. This is also why we are not hearing more on this issue at this time. The truth is the republicans have been absolutely horrible on environmental issues, and it wasn’t until Mike Huckabee came on the scene that really any of us ever got a glimpse of ANY presidential candidate speaking about such things. It is also what drew me originally to Mike Huckabee.

    Sure there will be resistance by factions of us in opposition to hunting, but all and all we know the pharmaceutical empire is a far worse problem and therefore will compromise for the time being, for the better of the good. We cannot tackle all the factions at one time, but to me, abolishing vivisection is the BEST PLACE TO START. The Dems have been promising and not delivering because they are not tackling the root cause: TRUE HEALTH. When we concentrate our efforts on true health, vivisectionists will be out of business forever. After all, if they really wanted to end sickness, they’d be out of a job, so what’s their incentive?

    I found out about Huckabee at http://www.mikehuckabee.com and I encourage all antivivisectionists to definitely check into what each candidate can do for our movement.

    To me, it simple, aggressively promote true wellness and we can put these slimy vivisectionists out of business. We cannot rid vivisection with our heartfelt animal rights pleas, because it’ll just be the same old tired lie of defense coming from the pharmaceutical empire “it’s your dog or your baby.”

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