Independent Primary? is hosting a, well, Independent Primary, online to guage what Americans really think. Go to their website and cast your vote, it only takes a second. Supposedly this poll will be watched by national media prior to the actual first primary, in NH in January.
This is probably one of the less ‘scientific’ methods of assessment of political climate, but it’s also an interesting comment on the role of grassroots/netroots activism for this next election. Taking into account the demographic of people who might be inclined to use this (i.e. people with access to the Internet and an interest in politics period), you would expect to see the results slightly biased toward progressive candidates (for example, I recieved word of the poll through the Dennis Kucinich campaign) – an obvious attempt to plug such candidates and show that there is a large contingent of support for them prior to the NH Primary, even if that show of support is limited to tech literate, middle class people who would dare to think their opinion matters for something in a democracy (I’m making fun of myself here).
It’s a nice attempt at reclaiming democracy for the people, and I support it 🙂
Whether or not it makes any difference, we shall see . . .


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