The World Peace Diet

My cat Orenji just tried to jump almost 4 feet up onto my lap (I’m sitting on a stool) without realized that there is a glass table between us … a loud crack and then kitty was clinging onto my legs, having made it only halfway to his destination. OW! He seems OK though and is now purring happily as I type … what a weirdo.

So obviously I don’t need to say that the the Wolrd Peace Diet advocated by Dr. Tuttle is vegetarian, but I do ned to tell you that you can go to the website and download a free copy of the entire 330+ page book which presents the most compelling case for ethical vegetarianism. It is well worth the time to read at least some of it and learn something new. do it! I’m thinking of just ordering a bunch of the paper copies to give as gifts .. (shh!)

I’ve added some new links along the side, including a website dedicated to the case for impeachment. Check it out!

I promised a few posts ago to put an excerpt from Is America Necessary? by Jacob Needleman up here, so here it is:

Here lies the secret of America – that is still has a future, that it offers mankind a future. The remnents of other nations and cultures may strike the sense of wonder in us with the greatness of their art and beauty and customs. But in these places we are looking into the past. In America, we are looking into the future – maybe an increasingly threatening future, but still a real one …
If we take America “literally,” if we see around us conformity, corruptions, rank injustice, materialism, superficiality, and vulgarity, metaphysical squalor and blind attachment to physical comfort – if we see only that, we see the death of America and the end of its future. But if we look more deeply, we may still see a nation and people granted for a brief moment the material and spiritual conditions enabling them to step into the real future of man, which is the future of the developing soul.
The future is another word for the soul.

I am a *hopeless* optimist, and I agree with Needleman’s argument here that America’s influence is so great that we have a choice in regards to creating a future using that power – that it IS possible to bring the soul and spirit of America back in order to correct the damage that we’ve done. I’ve never really thought about/articulated “America” in a spriritual sense, but I think this essay captures it for me. “America must give back to the world the main thing it is taking from the world… ” He is calling for America to do some serious soul-searching: “The world had hoped in the outer America while subliminally feeling the resonance of the inner America. But first we who live here must feel it. If Americans themselves do not acknowledge the sould of America, the world may not wish to keep us.”


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