Pardon the Turkeys . . .

Here’s a great little post from Bill Maher giving a few good reasons to pass on the turkey this year.

“New Rule: The president can’t pardon just one or two turkeys this Thanksgiving. He’s got to let them all go.
It’s probably too much to expect from the man who wanted “no child left behind,” then vetoed health care for kids. But think of the upside. Freeing the turkeys might help the president’s credibility when he says things like, “We don’t torture.”‘ Read more.

N & I just spent a really relaxing nice Thank-you day in CT with my folks. We did a lot of the cooking, actually, whipping up a homemade pumpkin & sweet potato pie, some roasted acorn squash, along with a seitan loaf with mushroom & red wine gravy. Yummm. My dad made a great vegan stuffing with water chestnuts to go along. No deprivation for the vegetarians at this feast! 🙂 I tried not to overdo it, but I definitely ate a lot more in one day yesterday than any other daysince coming out of the hospital. It was a little trying on the system but not too bad. I enjoyed some cheeses too for the first time in a long time, but not sure how much I’m going to keep that up . . .


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    […] Pardon the Turkeys . . . […]

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    […] Pardon the Turkeys . . . […]

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