What do you like about Central New York?

Hunny and I have been debating leaving or staying here in rainy Utica.  Sometimes the grass is greener somewhere else, even with a lot of precipitation in your own town.  Neither us is native to Utica, but have found quite a lot to keep us busy and lots of great people here. Things seem to be turning in the direction that we may be wanting to stay for a while …

Great things about living in Utica – in no particular order

  • organic farms nearby
  • bike-able city
  • the Stanley and the Arts scene in general
  • 5 college town – no joke
  • independent thinkers – never a lack of interesting conversation or debate!
  • up and coming / on the verge
  • The Boilermaker 15K!!!
  • low cost of living
  • lots of support for local, small businesses
  • Adirondacks 30 minutes away
  • friendly people
  • Diversity – 11% of Uticans are immigrants and Utica has the fourth highest density of resettled refugees in the U.S.!

Things that could be improved – in no particular order

  • The Arts scene
  • closing the gap between activists/advocates and the people we are advocating for
  • closing the economic gap 
  • public transportation
  • race relations and integration of refugees, esp. with arts community (I think this is a matter of time and people breaking out of old patterns of thought)
  • business climate and the conversation around Properity and Abundance
  • acceptance and visibility of LGBTQ community
  • accountability of government leaders

Please feel free to add on and comment on this list.


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  1. 1

    ClapSo said,

    You hit the pros and cons of living in Utica right on the Head. I wouldn’t add or subtract a thing. The problem with thoughts of moving elsewhere is that everywhere seems just like everywhere else these days. It wasn’t always like that. The 1980’s ruined everywhere by making it all alike.

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  2. 2

    Clapso has a point, but it wasn’t the eighties it was cable t.v. that made everywhere the same. There are still some differences that make places distinct; despite all the big box stores and cookie cutter malls.

    I take that back; I don’t know anywhere like Utica, unless you been to Elgin Illinois, Waukegan, Richmond California, Pittsburgh California. All small cities with a large subsidized population and over four thousand black people.

    Utica needs a little loyalty, some tender loving care. I think it is convenient and has great potential. But i don’t have allegiance to any ‘place’ anymore. I like America

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