Cafe Gratitude

This is an awesome concept for a restuarant, and not unlike the idea that hunny and I had come up with [if we ever open a restaurant] – It’s Cafe Gratitude in San Francisco, a raw-vegan joint where all the menu items are named declarations like “I am Abundant,” “I am Generous,” “I am Loving.”  Ah! I love it!!  This is what food is about – positive energetic exchange, putting love and intention into your body. Good for them for taking it mainstream.

I have to add, they are graduates of Landmark Education, a phenomenal ontological inquiry/education company.


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    All cool things are born in San Francisco. Cheap hallucinogens, the birth of ‘The Hippie Movement’, David Dancy, hundreds of cool internet start ups, a ban on unnatural pest repellants (i.e. rat poison ect.), smoking in public, David Dancy, gay radicals, gutter punks, free needles, legalized pot dispensaries, and………. I forgot what else, but there is a lot more.

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    Oh yeash, I almost forgot………. Erhardt Sytem Training

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    alethafaye said,

    yeessshhh. ha ha.

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