What I’m Writing page

I went to start a “what I’m writing” Page but moved it to here.  I think I meant it as a way to keep track of different projects, but not sure that I want to post all that. I rewrote my resume to just list my published writing and design projects, so I will post some of that there later. 

It’s literally 4:30 am and I have not been able to sleep – partially due to the suphedrine I took 12 hours ago (?!) and also because of the many ideas/queries/pitch ideas coming into my head. I have been reading this great little ‘start up’ book called Get a Freelance Life and unfortunately my time doesn’t seem to keep up with all the things I want to do/feel like I have to do.

One article I am working on right now for our local paper is on sexual assault on Native American women, which is an unbelievable 2.5x higher rate than the American average. Also, there is very little prosecution b/c of jurisdiction issues with Native lands and other legal loopholes and cultural problems that give women very little recourse. In Alaska, where there is the highest rate of violence against Native women, there is something like, only one women’s shelter for a 500 mile radius. What?!!    So I haven’t figured out an angle on this one yet, beyond being righteously upset by it.   Amnesty International did a big report on it here (pdf).

In other news, here is something funny and absurd sent to me by a friend – The Yes Men went into a huge oil conference in Canada, posing as oil reps and presented a plan to use human bodies as the fuel of the future (scarily, this kind of makes sense!). They were taken seriously, to a point. No charges could be made against them as they did nothing illegal. They did get the stage in front of up to 20,000 people though. Maybe they got someone’s attention.


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