I’m not sure if I’m anti-globalization, but I know I’m all for localism: supporting local business, products and activities is what holds our tenuous human society together. Beyond that, there is just something about going to the farmers market and talking with the farmer who tended, toiled, and loved the food you are about to bring home; or just amazing people like you and me who come up with great ideas and work tirelessly to network and promote them.

That is why I am going to plug two or three LOCAL websites – I know, it seems like an oxymoron, but there are such things- precisely because of the vision and inspiration of the people behind them.

One of them is The Quantum Tree, by the same guy who came up with Apollo Tunes, a sort of music-based networking site, a bit more organic and in-depth than myspace.  Anyway, The Quantum Tree is another networking site, but a bit more interesting. The model is one where you sign up with a one-time fee ($8) and then when you get other people to join you get $1 per person, and every person that person gets to sign up, you get another $1 … etc. So you see where I’m going with this. It’s really a brilliant idea, becuase when it takes off (net traffick is just increasing all the time) the people who got in at the ground floor during the beginning will really cash in.  The site offers lots of discussion boards for people to share marketing and business tips, buy, sell goods and services (more personal than craigslist), and share music, videos and inspirational writing. Most of the sharing right now is about Success Technologies, so it is really interesting and useful stuff, a very supportive atmosphere.

And here is my success story about The Quantum Tree… I have been on it for a few months, one of the first few people to join, and I have been posting and checking in once in a while. I posted my services as a freelance writer under the ‘goods and services’ board, saying how I was declaring that Central New York is a place abundant with opportunity and work and *bam* withing 24 hours somebody emailed me with a job. My first job!  We are negotiating it right now. 

So all it takes is $8 and intention. You will learn a lot being on this site.  If you decide to sign up, please use my friend code: alethafaye.  Thanks!

The other site, which I’ve mentioned, is WEblogMV.com, for Women Entrepreneurs of the Mohawk Valley. I just put my first post up on there under “Diary of a Fresh-Faced Freelancer.”  The woman behind that site is an independent graphic print and web designer with a real interest in empowering women-owned businesses in the Mohawk Valley.  She has a few interesting side projects, including WorshipMV.com – a directory for all houses of worhsip in the MoVa for people to find one that suits them, and LiveFreeMV.com (under construction) and endeavor to list all free events and services in the area in one place. That’s a huge undertaking, but she’s working up to it.


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