Time to buckle down …

Today was a tired day after a long [and exciting] weekend.   It’s time to buckle down in terms of finding work. I mean finding real solid writing work. I have a few ideas where to start, mostly concerning special interest publishing houses and query letters …. I’ll be working on that starting tomorrow. 

Also, I’ll be blogging on www.WEblogMV.com, a site for Women Entrepenuers in the Mohawk Valley. I got into this b/c my partner and I are starting a business using our biggest passion as the vehicle: FOOD!   We’re going to be offering workshops and individual nutrition counseling on vegetarian/vegan and raw food lifestyle and preperation. Ideally, we would construct and entire curriculum that could be part of schools’ health programs. Well, read more about it on that website.  We are working on promotional materials tonight.  The name of our company is Two Sources.  I have a prototype logo that I created the other day on OpenOffice paint.

Hunny and I just got back from an hour long bike ride down by the canal trail.   In other news, we may have found a vegan caterer in the Syracuse area for our wedding [9/22/07]. We would do the food ourselves, but we want to be able to relax somewhat, and we are doing a sweat lodge on the day before [Autumnal Equinox].


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