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I am not new to the blogosphere. No, I have been a reader of various blogs on and off, I read about them in other media, sometimes even involved in debate as to the relative merit of blogging …

The one thing that really turned me on to blogs is the depth and dimension possible in its narrative form and the intertexuality.  This is where technology, knowledge and human experience meet. In really good blogs- you know, the ones that have cult-like followings and a vast readership – it is the quality and depth present not just in the writing, but in the linking to other sources, blogs and voices, multimedia, in the categorization and layering that happens, and of course in the comments back and forth. 

I’m still learning how to link and the ins and outs of this technological wonder, using it to create the kind of intertexual, interdemensional narrative that I admire in others.


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    shb said,

    Having run across your blog:
    You are definitely on your way to creating what you admire. I’m no veteran to the blogosphere, but your insights (2nd paragraph) sound very sound – by the sound of them, and I found myself appreciating nearly all of these qualities in your posts. You pulled me in enough to continue through all the archives!
    Your views are strong, and your voice sounds very self reflective. I appreciate your integrity – to place yourself in the context of other people – some of whom don’t share your opinion. And yet, let it fly at the same time… the right is all yours.
    Your layout helps too, maybe more than I realize. Colors are simple, attractive, and used sparingly. The formatting is consistent. Geez, what else.. Nice big, curious sounding blog titles, followed with experiences served in manageable chunks. Your gestalt ability to pull everything together to write – all the intellectual, sensory, descriptive, your humanness – it goes somewhat under the radar, so the writing is fluid. I found your stuff very personable and enjoyable to read. Unusual words and phrasing here and there that piqued my interest, and you’ve managed to keep affectation away. Not so easy…
    Great luck in your journalistic (and gastronomic) ventures. You’ll find work that satisfies you, I’m sure. And I agree (with something somewhere in one of your archives), it’s inspiring to see somebody who HAS found such work. Really, a seriously beautiful thing. Trying to find that myself at the moment…
    No pressure intended, by the way (to keep blogs coming). Your talent can find many outlets.

    I wish you and ‘N’ lots of happiness.

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    alethafaye said,

    Wow, Thank you Sir Human. Your praise is humbling and encouraging for me, a good reminder of why I do want to write!
    Do you have a blog or website? I like to support others on a like path.

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